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Mixed All Seoul Hash
MASH Hash # 73 Report
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Date: 16 November 2003

Hares: Goldilocks, Bart Granlund, Dawn Skarset, and Roger Hatridge

Location: Southern Seoul, Daemosan area

# of participants: 35

Newcomers/Visitors: Stephen & Carrie Curry, Craig Gilman, Albatross, Zena Voyeur Princess, and Taxi Ho (Welcome Back!)

Namings: Jurgen Mangelod was renamed from "George" to a more fitting "Juniorasic" and Kristian Torvold was named "FrontPage" for being a serious front runner and being part of the family business!

Summary:  The Hash gods smiled on MASH again! on this last fall hash of the season!! with yet another weather-perfect day like MASH enjoyed the entire fall season!!! MASH 73 was hared and hosted by a haring team of Korea International School colleagues recruited by Goldilocks. The venue was the KIS campus and the route was challenging, fun, and very-very scenic!! It was one of the clearest days many of us can recall and the view from atop Daemosan was truly inspiring! As always, it was fun to encounter the local populace as we ran past so many folks hiking these hills on such a beautiful day!!

MASH 73 was all the more special because Taxi Ho decided to join us after running the SouthSide hash earlier. His entourage included the flambuoyantly fun "Zena Voyeur Princess" and new hasher "Albatross" We hope they will join us again sometime soon!

After acknowledging the efforts of the MASH 73 hares, KIS newcomers and the SouthSide trio were welcomed with down-downs, assundry hash crimes were duly prosecuted--including Rapunzel's telling a new MASHer that he had to wear skirts and padded bras to join the previous MASH featuring all female hares! Then the Curry's, Daily Male & PaperMate (who, along with Unstoppable, had danced all Saturday night at the St. Andrew's Scottish Ball!), and Chris Burdett & his lady Amy Chan were brought up for a round of couples' down-downs. This was followed by some namings: Jurgen Mangelrod & Kristian Torvold were MASH Hash named "Juniorasic" and "FrontPage" respectively!

Anyone interested in hashing the 3rd Sunday of December (the 21st) and/or on New Year's Day are asked to email MASH! Everyone was encouraged to participate in the next MASH Hash on December 7th at Caribbean Bay WaterPark! The Xmas/Splash MASH 74 will be a fun event for everyone! See you there!

On! On!

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