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MASH Hash # 71 Report
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Date: 19 October 2003

Hares: Daily Male & Thorasic Park & Rapunzel & Mr. Choi

Location: Northwest Seoul near Wondang station (Orange line #3)...

# of participants: 28

Newcomers/Visitors: Amy Chan, Chris Burdett, Trond Iversen, and Svein Svarstad

Awards: 20 MASH Hashes Award Patch to Royal Norse & Typhoon

Namings: Tip Landoll was MASH Hash named "Tripwire"

Summary:  MASH 71 took place on a warm, sunny afternoon at a venue selected by Daily Male. The venue was previously used for MASH 39, since when it has been transformed from a muddy plot prepared for construction work into a set of tennis courts with a neatly laid out and landscaped car park. Unfortunately the adjcent toilets were not yet operational.

Twentyeight hashers congregated in time for the briefing just after 2.00 pm and Rapunzel a little reluctantly led a round of Father Abraham. Typical announcements about the trail marking and warnings about not-so-typical obstacles (wires above the trail, wire on the ground across the trail) were interrupted by a blast of the MASH horn signalling the On-On. Runners and walkers set out together up the first hill, then a detour down and back up the other side for the runners while the walkers walked a short ridge brought the two groups together once more. After descending again and passing some burial sites (one of which was judged by Mr Choi to be several hundred years old) the runners crossed a small farmland plain towards the second hill but the walkers turned right to short-cut along the edge of the plain staying close to the first hill.

Several well-placed check marks ensured that the runners stayed reasonably close together. At times the front runners included newcomers, who -- in the early stages at least -- were not sure what kind of marks to look for while checking, what to call out on finding a trail mark or how far to go without finding a trail mark. A check mark near the foot of the second hill had enthusiastic runners checking along the roads and beside the creeks in all directions (while the not-so-enthusiastic among them waited at the check mark). Finally a couple of more adventurous runners crossed a makeshift bridge and explored an unlikely looking trail up the wooded hillside. Of course, they soon found some flour marks.

The second hill treated the runners to a delightful ridge trail around a long sweeping arc to the right. An American equipped with a metal detector who happened to be passing the same way mentioned that on the hill, not only among the trees but also on the trails, he had at times found various live munitions! Fortunately none of us stumbled across any of them. The pack all managed to avoid the overhead -- or in places shoulder-high -- telephone wires along the trail but on the way down from the hill one of the backmarkers, Tip Landoll, tripped over the wire lying across the trail and rolled over in spectacular fashion. Fortunately he suffered no serious injuries. At a holding check at the foot of the hill the pack regrouped for a short road section before crossing back over the plain. At this point the two trails converged and the runners passed close to a small group of walkers who had arrived late and set off along the trail after everyone else.

The trail then led over a couple of small hills before climbing what seemed to be the steepest part of the first hill. A winding trail over small ridges and valleys brought everyone to an exercise area leaving just a short slope down to the start and finish point, where the walkers arrived about five minutes before the runners, after about 70 minutes on the trail.

After a short rest Rapunzel was volunteered to present the down-downs but immediately committed a major breach of protocol by not calling up the hares first. Presenting the newcomers first, he realised that they would need instructions on how to perform a down-down, never having seen one before! On Goldilocks' prompting, the hares were called up next. These included Thorassic Park, who was to be a runners' hare but he sprained his ankled during the recce a week before and joined Mr Choi as a walkers' hare. He also received belated recognition for his contribution as a runners' cohare at MASH70, co-opted at the last minute.

Most of the runners should have been severely punished for failing to check at the check marks but there were just too many of them (runners, not check marks). Daily Male provided an explanation of the principle of checking and described the function of the Checking Chicken. The first crime actually punished was the late arrival of the entire Nortun family: CateLate (living up to her name!), Minimiss, Semperfecta, Olav and their dog Rex. They were followed by Goldilocks for falling (twice!), Royal Norse for hashing in new shoes and Tip Landoll for blood on the trail.

Royal Norse and her son Typhoon were honoured and presented with patches for reaching the milestone of 20 MASH hashes, and Ms Polrea was honoured for returning to the venue of her first MASH hash (according to MASH records). Having -- despite prior warning -- tripped over a wire which was lying across the trail, Tip Landoll was ceremoniously named Tripwire.

The MASH Haberdasher, Paper Mate, apologetically unveiled the latest in MASH attire. Due to a mistake somewhere, instead of the intended sweatshirts, the supplier had provided hooded sweatshirts. These, however, turned out to be among the most popular items MASH has ever produced. Still, it was a little disconcerting to see so many mashers wearing dark blue T-shirts and sweatshirts, as though it were some kind of uniform!

In pleasant sunshine after the last MASH hash before Hallowe'en, the happy hashers enjoyed drinks and snacks, including witches' finger biscuits provided by Seventy Percent and Rapunzel. The skills of the recently departed MASH Arsonist, Augustus, were sorely missed as several would-be arsonists grappled with some new BBQ equipment and eventually resorted to consulting the instructions. They finally succeeded and sausages were soon ready.

And it all happened without the presence of the last surviving founder member, Grand Master Daddy Long Legs, suggesting that his participation might not be as essential as some may have imagined.

On! On!

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