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Mixed All Seoul Hash
MASH Hash # 62 Report
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Date: 16 March 2003

Hares: Goldilocks & Daddy Long Legs!!

Location: Northwest Seoul

# of participants: 13

Newcomers/Visitors: Gjermunde Rokke

Summary:  Goldilocks and Daddy Long Legs cohared MASH 62 as the first MASH hash of 2003 on a coldish, rainy, overcast day and eleven other MASHers turned up for an enjoyable, fun outing together. Since the weather was less than ideal, the trails were not crowded and the liquid sunshine actually provided a new perspective for the group to appreciate the quiet, tree-covered trails. The glass is always half full for MASH! DLL hared the intrepid runners on an hour-long loop that included some classic ridge sections and a tour of a serene Buddhist temple while Goldilocks took the walkers on what became an improvised trail. Both groups returned within minutes of each other and all enjoyed a lively on-after. Taint Tickler presented another enticing raffle of some of his extra hashing paraphernalia and Fireball once again demonstrated his amazing luck by having both of his numbers chosen! Everyone was given a down-down for real or contrived grievances or recognized for outstanding accomplishments since December so that all could partake in the green beer in honor of St. Pattys!! Richard Newsum especially enjoyed the Irish green beer! We did have a grill and we did enjoy some tasty sausages, a few beers, some chips, lots of laughs, and an easy run (pleasant walk) with friends! All in all, it was another fun outing for the MASH faithful! See you next time!

On! On!

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