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MASH Hash # 59 Report
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Date: 3 November 2002

Hares: Itchy Gonzales (#3) with Jon & Liz denHartigh (#1 each!)

Location: Northeast Seoul (East side of Pukansan)

# of participants: 42

Newcomers/Visitors: Robert Tuck, Beth Frankham, Ton Kuiper, and Kelly Taylor!

Awards: Fireball - 30 MASH Hashes Award Patch, Mz. Polrea - 10 MASH Hashes Award Patch!

Summary:  Itchy used her backyard, the east flank of Pukansan, to organize a classic autumn MASH hash with brilliant fall colors everywhere! It was cold but sunny as Itchy and Liz followed the 20+ running hashers along the scenic, challenging route while Jon guided the walking hashers on their route. Newcomers Robert Tuck and Kelly Taylor showed what they were made of by running in single t-shirt and shorts! Everyone enjoyed the outing despite the cool temperature and came in at just over 60 minutes. Small Member and one of our novice hash runners managed to get lost during the outing which underscores the need for us to emphasize that MASH expects every participant to exercise common sense and some personal responsibility when you take off on a run or walk with the group. If anyone has the slightest doubt whether they will be able to keep up with the pack or follow the marks to find their way, then they should consider carrying along some money, their cellphone, our contact phone numbers, and whatever else they might need to give them the level of confidence and comfort they need to have a fun, safe experience hashing with MASH. Enough said?

The on-after was fun as the pack showed their appreciation to the hares for another great outing, welcomed some newcomers, presented some awards, sang a birthday song, punished some hashing crimes, and then named three true-blue MASH hashers! Terry Nichols became "Goldilocks," Siri Torvold became "PaperMate," and Ewa Najder became "Mz. Polrea!" Bunny, the MASH Arsonist, had the grill ready with the help of MASH construction volunteers who built a wind break for the BBQ, so... after the requisite first verse of Swing Lo, MASHers mixed until the chill became unbearable and we left the great site at just after 5pm. It was another excellent outing!! Many MASH Thanks to Itchy, Jon, and Liz for their collective efforts in making MASH 59 a great time for all!

On! On!

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