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MASH Hash # 56 Report
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     MASH 56 was a fantastic fall outing at a new site pioneered by Powerless Pink Thing & Large Member! MASHers enjoyed an extremely accessible new site which we will definitely use again in the future! Runners enjoyed an expansive tour through wooded areas and around rice fields. It's worth noting that Thorasic Park's visiting father ran MASH 56 which is very commendable! Walkers enjoyed similar views and all returned after 75 minutes in this wonderful fall setting!

     The on-after was highlighted by Taint Tickler's magnanimous t-shirt lottery! This mega-hasher had so many hashing t-shirts that he wanted to pass on some to less endowed but very appreciative MASHers! It was fun for all who won and a great idea for us to repeat later! MASH introduced its newest award patches by presenting the 40 MASH Hashes Patches to Daddy Long Legs, Snuggles, and Large Member. Daddy Long Legs also received the new 50 MASH Hashes Patch and assured everyone that he does have a life outside of MASH!!

     The outing was great fun as always as fellow MASHers mixed and got acquainted with newcomers Heather Bailey, Heli Francke, the Yon family, and Thorasic Park's visting parents! The kids played and all was copasetic despite Adina Christoffersen's inadvertent plunge into some bushes. Scared but basically unhurt, she was snatched up by her rescuing mother, Hill. Kids will play and they will have fun and sometimes they may get hurt, but they are outside and mixing which can only be good for them! Thanks again to the hares for discovering yet another excellent MASH hash site! It's all good!

On! On!

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