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Mixed All Seoul Hash
MASH Hash # 55 Report
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     MASH 55 was the second of two hashes planned around our first camping adventure at Nanji campground near the World Cup Stadium on the Han River. This hash began painfully early for hares Daddy Long Legs & Terry Nichols who were up at dawn to set the challenging 1100 run through all five parks that comprise the World Cup Park complex! Runners and walkers were given a hashing tour along the riverside of Nanji Park's west end and up Haneol Park (to check the progress of the future golf course) before splitting up. Runners crossed through ... Park then looped through a construction site to circumnavigate the World Cup Stadium and hash through the Millenium Park before going up Naeol Park and then back to Nanji Park! Walkers went directly from Haneol Park to Naeol Park before heading back to Nanji. It was scenic, with diverse terrain, memorable views but long--2 hours--in the sun! Everyone got some sunburn, Oh well. The on-after was brief but recognition was given to stalwart MASH runners, MASH kids for enduring the distance, and newcomers Richard Newsum & Amato Kim. The camping hashes were good fun and very challenging indeed!

On! On!

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