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MASH Hash # 54 Report
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     MASH 54 was the first of two hashes planned around our first camping adventure! The Nanji Campground near the Han River was fun and easy with friendly staff! Hares were Daddy Long Legs & Terry Nichols! MASH 54 at 1800 on a Saturday night was intended as a fun run but became a typical DLL arduous hash with runners running east along the river to Yangwha Bridge, crossing the Han River to Seongyudo Island Park, continuing to the south bank then west to Seongsan Bridge to recross back to the north side and back to our tents and an evening BBQ! The Seongyudo Island Park was a pleasant discovery and very interesting because of how it has been transformed from a former water purification plant to an eco-friendly park using the existing infrastructure! The run across Seongsan Bridge was especially memorable because of the lights reflecting on the river!

     We skipped the formalities of an on-after and commenced a very plesant evening of BBQ, talking with friends, and enjoying the setting! Itchy brought along a challenging board game called Cranium while others were satisfied just to sit and have a glass of wine with friends! It was a very good experience camping at Nanji Campground and MASH will do it again in the future!

On! On!

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