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Mixed All Seoul Hash
MASH Hash # 53 Report
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     MASH 53 was another excellent La Bomba MASH hash that MASHers and HATROKers alike enjoyed. This memorable hash may have been La Bomba's last haring effort for MASH as he will be leaving Seoul soon. He put a lot of extra effort into making sure this hash was of a high standard as his swan song hare and to show the HATROK attendees what kind of hashes MASH does. The weather was fantastic and everyone enjoyed the views from Achasan across the Han River and northwest towards Pukansan! Walkers and runners enjoyed well-marked routes that were as challenging as they were scenic!

    Because of myriad factors that included great weather, easy subway access, La Bomba hosting, and it being the last hash of the 2002 HATROK series, we had a new record attendance and a fun, rowdy on-after!! The Yongsan Kimchi H3, Southside H3, and assorted splinter H3s were a lively addition. To our surprise, we also had new 13 MASHers as well! Grand Master, Large Member and Acting Religious Advisor, Daddy Long Legs conducted the on-after ceremonies with their usual aplomb. One of the highlights was punishing RotorWashout for failure to delegate more of the HATROK haring by giving him a checking chicken down-down, which he handled with great hashing style! Dodic Master gave some closing HATROK comments to the group and we concluded the event with a mix between MASH 1st verse/PG version and the more ribald traditional full-blown version of the hashing anthem, Swing Lo. Afterwards, we moved on to the serious business of drinking, mixing, grilling, and generally having fun with like-minded friends and new acquaintances.

On! On!

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