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MASH Hash # 52 Report
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     MASH 52 was a Daddy Long Legs production. Large Member, MASH's new Grand Master and inimitable hare extraordinaire, had carried the whole summer for the MASH faithful up to this point, so it was DLL's turn to bear the haring cross! The venue was Ansan which the pack had criss-crossed on past ocassions but never in late August. The overgrown brush gave a different appearance to familiar trail sections and DLL dutifully explored new areas to string together a "long, arduous but definitely enjoyable" route for the 20+ runners who dared to do it all! Walkers also enjoyed a great walk along the scenic ridge! The real bonus of the day though was the weather! Ominous weather forecasts for rain had DLL out early marking the trails carefully in anticipation of hash erasing rain BUT the hashing gods intervened and gave us a rain free afternoon! As the hare sat in the comfort of his home a short time later listening to the pouring rain outside, he smiled with the certain knowledge that all who participated in MASH 52 shared his feeling of having beat the odds. The run was long, the walk was long enough, the on-after fun, the mixing as always was a pleasure, and the new feeling of active involvement was encouraging! It was a great day for MASH!

     MASH 52 began with the Father Abraham warm-up before sending off the runners and walkers through the Tongnimmun Independence Memorial Park, around the intersection, through a market area, across a construction site, through a garden, up and along a long ridge run, down past the Pongwa Temple, through the heart of Ansan, down into Yonsei University grounds, looping back to the flanks of Ansan before crossing back up and over to the MASH 52 on-site! For all future MASH hares, please keep in mind that the optimal hash run length is supposed to be an hour. We have tended to extend that ideal to 75-90 minutes to make the outing truly worthwhile considering driving time, etc. MASH 52 was admittedly longer than the hare had planned, BUT (and this is important so take notes!) if you are going to err in haring, err on the long side rather the short side. Why? Because a complaint about a hash run being too long is a kind of compliment because it was challenging and will have been memorable but a complaint about a hash run being too short implies that it was a waste of time! That is a very different kind of complaint! Be assured that MASH 54 will be closer to the 75-90 minute ideal. Cohares Terry Nichols and Moby Dick will keep me in line! But in the end, if most people find their way, and the on-after is enjoyable; all is forgiven -- even the short hashes!

     MASH 52 was Large Member's first MASH Hash as our new Grand Master, a role that he will execute with considerable aplomb and enthusiasm! We had a record 11 newcomers: Long Cutting Bastard, Terry Nichols, David Johnson, Elisabeth Droyer, Siri, Kristian, and Marie Torvold, Jule Mangelrod, Steven Cole, Paul van Kappel, and Hwa-jin Lee! All were welcomed with a song and a down-down, and although DLL failed to ask each of them to tell the pack a little about themselves, we do hope they will join us again next month. We had some awards to present as well: Taint Tickler had brought some OBH3 T-shirts to present to worthy MASHers and MASH 52 was the catalyst for: Thorasic Park to run the entire route as his first MASH run, Kristian Torvold to show his fitness as first in!, and to the newly appointed Grand Master, Large Member!! MASH hashing awards were also presented: The 30 MASH Hashes patch to La Bomba! The 20 MASH Hashes patch to Bunny and Itchy! And the 10 MASH Hashes patch to Thorasic Park, George, and Typhoon!! In the group of 40 that MASH 52 was, there are always numerous hashing crimes. Kristian Torvold & Taint Tickler for short-cutting across a dangerous street, DJ for threatening to call a taxi at the 90+ minute mark, Terry Nichols & Long Cutting Bastard for getting lost and missing half of the route, Snuggles for calling the hare (her husband) repeatedly for directions while hashing, Fireball & CoPilot for blood on the trail, Moby Dick for inadvertent animal abuse, and Steve Cole for barely making it in time to start with MASH!

     MASH 52 was closed with our standard first verse of Swing Lo, respectably belted out and gestured throughout! Bunny, The MASH Arsonist, had the grill ready and the eating, mixing and catching up from summer travels, etc commenced! Seeing this new active involvement from members was very encouraging. We can work together to organize future MASH Hashes that everyone will enjoy! A few hours later the rain began. It poured! I'm confident that all who attended MASH 52 smiled with that feeling one gets when you dismiss weather warnings in pursuit of good fun! Besides...rain or shine, the true blue hashers would have been there! See you next time on September 8th!

On! On!

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