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MASH Hash # 49 Report
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     Fuzzy Navel had explored a new area for Mashers and the crowd of 30+ arrived enthusiastically on the site, which was conveniently close to a temple in full display of its Buddha Birthday lamps and other artifacts. Newcomer Kyle from Cape Town had arranged his hairdo accordingly and very fitting for the location and occasion. He was immediately granted access to the holiest section of the temple and enjoyed this immensely, until he realized he was about to be shanghaied as the temple’s first non-Korean monk, He subsequently politely bowed out of the great honor.

     The merry crowd assembled in a surprisingly orderly fashion and instructions were given in a kiwi-way which left some of less linguistically gifted in some doubt as to if there was a logic to the color-coded arrows or not. This confusion was later amplified when our dear FRBs (guess who!) raced along some dubious routes and bush-terrain in vain searching for marks.

     In any case, the walkers trotted along with the co-hare and no serious incidents were recorded, actually the walk must have been so eventless that when afterwards the hare was asked for some report as to feed the RA for his stunt, the co-hare was at great pains to make the walk look like a definite middle-of-the-road affair, an effort which obviously resulted in an appropriate abundance of Down-Downs for the co-hare failing to arrange and/or report relevant incidents.

     The runners, however, had an eventful stride through the forests, backyards, around fishponds and rice-paddies. At first the rowdy lot was taken through some civilized area including a dedicated footbridge crossing a wide road. The subsequent check brought the appropriate confusion, as the FRBs were faithful that there would be marks along the main thoroughfare – which it wasn’t. Unfortunately they stubbornly refused to acknowledge this fact until the Horn took the hare’s advice and stumbled into the woods where an abundance of flour was found marking the route through to the other end of the bush.

     The crowd thus properly assembled in one lump, again sped along a nice, soft path through the forest. Robin Hood was nowhere to be seen, however a number of friendly locals walking their dogs, toddlers and-what-not, were frightened when this merry crowd came running through the forest, blowing horns and shouting loudly “On On!”

      The hare had made the exclusive and sophisticated trick of making the trail in the shape of a figure of 8. She had expertly placed proper signs as to avoid confusing even the most experienced hasher, although FacePlant with his mix of intimate knowledge of kiwi-logic and highly developed flour-detecting ability, claimed to have seen the crossing marks when jogging past the first time. The statement was however not confirmed and may have been a hoax.

     After some nice downward running and a confusing check, the trial took the runners along the circumference of a fishpond. Fishermen were seated in dense formation along the pond and some serious fishing took place. The FRB came upon them as a great surprise – and were gone with no further ado. However, when the Horn and the later-runners (temporarily lost in the backyards of the area) came along in their noisy way, the fishermen were alert and their reactions were mixed: Some clapped and cheered, while other strongly expressed displeasure by hushing the newcomers and waving vigorously.

     This shaking experience was reducing frequency of the Horn’s blowing to a serious extent, partly because some mis-guided mashers joined in the hushing-choir as the trail wound through some solemn graveyards.

     The run eventually came ti exhaustive end by crossing the main road again and all were glad we arrived safely back to the picturesque site chosen for the gathering. However, the dutiful hare was still out there and it was soon found out that she was sweeping the last runner. However, it was at the same time clear he was in possession of the car-keys locking up the RA’s clothes etc. When he realized that the run was too much for him (approximately a bit more than halfway through the run …), he decided to turn back the same way he came. This chain of event was unknown to the searching hare who eventually shoed up just after the missing runner-turned-walker had arrived back – with the car-keys.

      The Down Downs started by the GM recognizing the hares for excellent work in a new and very suitable area. Great work!!

     Then the Acting RA (Large Member) stepped in and called forward two rows of newcomers: Wolfgang, Yoop, Helen, William (Taint Tickler), Supranee (care Bear), Jeanette, Doreen, Kyle, Laelitia, Tony and Yae Hyun. Welcome all! Next up were FacePlant, Gardener and Tiny for the pre-hashing crime of doing excessive flower-spotting on the way to the RV. Tiny made some excuse referring to his name which could be associated with roses (even he didn’t smell like ...)! Further crimes were rewarded like this: Hammeraction for lame excuse for being in poor shape, Dances with Dogs stand in for Large Member (Horn) for excessive blowing, waking both fishermen and fishes alike, Bunny for driving smoke all-over-the-place in his attempt of making the BBQ going, Steve Randolph for displaying poor geography competence by asking where Coyote bought his Saigon-hash T-shirt. There were a few more DDs as well before the long-lost-but-now-found Checking Chicken was to be awarded. As a prelude, both hares were pulled up again for different reasons – one was for serious searching for lost runner and the other for leading the walkers in a way that produced neither crimes nor awards. The ultimate winner of the Checking Chicken was the lost runner-turned-walker, Dag Torvald's driver!

     After the rush of DDs, the crowd turned again into eating, drinking and chatting. The nearby Temple had provided some kimbap for the consumption of Mashers, which was quickly accepted with a decent bow. The sunny afternoon eventually came to an end and all found their different ways home.

     Thanks again to Fuzzy and Steve for an excellent Mash event!!

On! On!

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