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Mixed All Seoul Hash
MASH Hash # 48 Report
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     MASH 48 offered MASHers an out-of-the-city venue amongst trees far away from the noise of daily life in Seoul! As we drove west to the hash, many noticed the zillions of cars and local Koreans visiting the newly opened World Cup Parks. We were there two weeks early without the mass of humanity that was swarming over through the newly opened facilities. You're all very welcome. Anyway, the directions to MASH 48 were a bit intimidating because we have all become soooo map-dependent and despite some minor confusion most everyone made it there on time! Gardener, the walking hare, decided at the last minute to take a bus tour of the area so Faceplant had to decide which group (runners or walkers) most needed their hands held to ensure that they made it back with out too much mishap. It was not an easy choice but the runners took off hareless and managed to find our way despite some cryptic "X"s on the trail and a couple of daunting barbed wire barriers! Both groups were out 2 hours climbing up and down and up and down and all around for a terrific day amongst trees, spiders, worms, and most of all--good friends!

     The runners followed yellow marks through the forests, along trails, roads, up and down all the surrounding hills including the tallest--which offered an absolutely commanding view of the hazy distant buildings. Walkers also went up to the top and some of the kids were given free ice cream since it was Children's Day afterall! Everyone made it back with out too many scratches and miraculously none of the runners twisted an ankle on the rock strewn paths (although Coyote nearly did at least three times!)

     The on-after was in a nice area amongst the cars. Bunny had parked his car in such a way as to block any possible incursions from non-hashers! Hares were acknowledged for their very commendable efforts, MASH welcomed Powerless Pink Thing, assundry crimes were dutifully prosecuted, and some awards were presented. Large Member was recognized for crossing the 40 MASH hashes milestone and his faithful companion Small Member (Brownie) was recognized for having accompanied the group for 30 MASH hashes. Utartan and Bloody Mary received their 10 MASH hashes patches as well. A quick first verse of Swing Lo was executed and then everyone mixed and made good use of Bunny's excellent grill. Lots of sausage and pasta and bananas were shared around. Many of the group reflected on all the fun MASH had at the Dutch Ball recently! As usual, it was another fun MASH family outing!

On! On!

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