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Mixed All Seoul Hash
MASH Hash # 45 Report
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     MASH 45 utilized the massive Ach'asan in East Seoul once again as the venue for MASH runners and walkers to have another fun outing! And once again the hares were ... The Italians: La Bomba & Joggalotte sans a rather pale, drained looking Gladiolust (maybe we misnamed him?) who was apparently too tired to walk or run let alone hare!! After we set off, Gladys went on his way to less tasking endeavors. Nonetheless, stalwart MASHers La Bomba & Joggalotte managed it all with no mishaps. Except for the map which required lots of common sense or lots of faith (in leiu of specified distances), MASH 45 was predictably excellent! Sunny but windy and cool in the shade, signs of spring were omnipresent as MASH runners circumnavigated the Ach'asan massive looking for PINK markings which the Italian hare designed to appear like holographic art -- not viewable from even the slightest angle except when you stood directly in front of it!!! This runner was very impressed that La Bomba could be so deceptively cunning! But the runners were undeterred and managed to find the route in spite of the PINK markings. We all especially enjoyed the ridge run segment and the mass of local hikers were entertained when at least one runner did a faceplant imitation while passing them! Runners came in after the walkers who also enjoyed a new route that relied on normal white markings to guide the sheep along. Since it was a St. Patrick's Day theme, there was every variation of green one could imagine and a few that I didn't know were green! But what the heck! Blue is close to green in the color spectrum -- kind of, sort of. MASH ensured that the down-downs were green and some didn't think that was enough and at least one MASHer who shouldn't be named (Mr. D) thought it a good idea to add green food coloring directly to his libation. He sported the greenest tongue I have ever seen as the on-after wound down! St. Patrick would have been proud! Vaness Horne got her long-awaited name which had gone through various permutations until the MASH naming computer settled on "WhoShe" as an appropriate moniker for her! The outing was fun, the grill (Thanks Faceplant!) was well-utilized, the snacks were consumed, and the Pasta the hares provided was shared around. Three Expat mountain bikers stopped to see what the on-after commotion was about and enjoyed some Pasta before moving on! All in all, it was and always is another fun, family-oriented Expat outing amongst trees, with friends, kids, laughter, and the shared experience of living here in Seoul!

On! On!

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