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Mixed All Seoul Hash
MASH Hash # 42 Report
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     MASH 42 was a snowy, fun hash in Pyounchang-dong hared by Large Member, Dances with Dogs, and SnowWhite! The day before had been sunny and quite pleasant but the Hashing Gods decided that MASH wanted a more interesting day so they gave us rain that turned to snow just as we were preparing to start! Undeterred by inclement weather, three new Mashers turned up to add yet more diversity to MASH: Veeebecke from Denmark with her Water Rat fur coat, Anja in black from Finland, and Patrice from France. It's great to have people learn about MASH soon after they arrive rather than just before they are departing for a new posting elsewhere! Large Member was not unconcerned about whether his trail markings might be affected by the all of the liquid sunshine but easily managed with cohare DWD's able assistance to guide the 20+ runners along a worthwhile and challenging route until we were all quite wet from throwing snowballs at each other all along the way!! Great fun!! Daddy Long Legs missed MASH 41 and lost the hashing force he had worked so long at acquiring which resulted in his taking a record nine false trails during MASH 42! On! On! Walkers were lead by SnowWhite on a fun, snowy walk as well.

     The on-after was situated in the covered parking area of the Svensoy residence and served our purposes well. Hot noodle soup was ready and gladly consumed as most changed into dry clothes and commenced mixing. Hares were recognized, the intrepid newcomers were welcomed, a bevy of crimes were prosecuted, Wilfred Steeman received his MASH Hash name of "Hammeraction", Veebecke and Boyscout were recognized for their sartorial excellence: hers being the fur coat and his being a Peruvian cap!, and the MASH Grand Master received his 30 MASH Hashes award patch! We also farwelled Harry Relouw who promises to coordinate his return business trips around the MASH hashing calendar and Fuzzy Navel who was off to NZ the following morning for a bit of summer sun! Itchy clarified the motions one is supposed to do when performing the hashing anthem, Swing Lo and the group once again demonstrated that the first verse can be done fairly well!

     Once again, a great group of Mashers turned out despite the less-than-perfect weather for another fun time together! Thanks again to Large Member, Dances with Dogs, and SnowWhite for haring and hosting MASH 42!

On! On!

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