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MASH Hash # 41 Report
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     MASH 41 was another multicultural MASH hashing event planned especially for those half-a-mind Mashers who think its fun to get together regardless of the weather, the temperature, the trouble getting to and finding a new place and run (or walk), sweat, laugh, drink a few beers, chat about the trials and tribulations of life in Korea and generally enjoy each other's company. Rumor has it that Daddy Long Legs tried to get the group to cancel the New Year's Day Hash because he couldn't be there, but the stalwart Mashers who were here decided to hash anyway! Another vicious rumor has it that the entire hashing experience was generally more enjoyable with DLL being gone! It seems that the group manages just fine without ole DLL!!

     It was reported that the weather was damn cold with biting wind and treacherous ice, but the 24 intrepid Mashers plus local hashing legend Dodic Master started out 2002 hashing in fine style! Hares were Coyote & La Bomba for the runners and Lucky Won & Lucky Too for the walkers. The hares had gone through the logistical exercise of arranging a hot drink stop during the hash which was much appreciated by all! LW & LT were also the hosts and their garden reportedly offers a great view but not much wind protection. Oh well. The post-hash international brunch consisting of special New Year's Day ethnic dishes from the various national cuisines of the culturally divese members who participated was a culinary success for all who partook! This is a great idea that we can look forward to doing more of!

     In the end, it was, as always, another fine outing and an enjoyable opportunity for Mashers to run (or walk) abit, chat with other interesting expats, eat some delicious food, and of course, have a few beers!! Soon enough the weather will permit even more elaborate post-hash mixing and fun! Thanks again to Lucky Won & Lucky Too for coharing and hosting! Thanks to Coyote & La Bomba for coharing as well and to all the contribuing Mashers who helped make MASH 41 fun for all who participated!

On! On!

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