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MASH Hash # 40 Report
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     MASH 40 was MASH's Xmas hash!! Many MASHers dressed for the occasion, Snuggles had decorated the garden, Daddy Long Legs had planned worthy routes for both runners and walkers, 37 of the MASH faithful showed up to have some Xmas hashing fun, and the hashing gods smiled on MASH with terrifically sunny, windless weather!!! It was a great day to be hashing with the friends and family that make up MASH!

     True blue hashers arrived in colors fitting for the occasion but none more so than Chris Horne who was considered the most appropriately dressed of the pack! Santa hats just slightly out-numbered the new bright yellow MASH cap as the group set out from Daddy Long Legs (DLL) & Snuggles' place. DLL followed the runners as they negotiated a 90-minute chalk-marked route that offered a considerable variety of terrain, scenery, challenges, and checks! Everything seemed to work fairly well and DLL was able to squeeze yet another variation out of the Ansan trail network that he affectionately refers to his "backyard." Snuggles and cohare CoPilot took the walkers on an equally scenic but different route that also lasted 90 minutes. Both groups converged on the McCorkle/Snuggerud residence garden at the same time and the on-after festivities began!

     Snuggles had prepared traditional Norwegian Glogg, a wine-based seasonal drink served hot to an appreciative MASH group plus hot carrot soup! and hot chocolate for the kids!! It was a liquid feast that warmed everyone before the on-after commenced! Glogg and soup were all part of the Xmas theme DLL & Snuggles planned for this special MASH hashing event! Planning a hash around a theme is a fun way to make a hash outing both personal and memorable and future hares should consider planning hashes around themes to make it fun for all!!

     Grand Master Philippides was as animated as he gets this day and lead the MASH group in the hasher song for the hares and hosts who truly enjoyed having everyone back at their place once again! DLL (wearing a red robe deserving of St. Nick!) presided as acting RA and punished some minor crimes, welcomed some newcomers, awarded some due recognition and hashnames, and lead the group in two variations of "The Twelve Days of Christmas!" Gillen Tulloch, Harry Normand, Richard Yrani, and Judy Jirgens were welcomed to MASH and La Bomba, G-String, and Gardener were awarded the 20, 20, and 10 MASH Hashes award patches. Grunde Svensoy was welcomed back and Gladiolust was farewelled again! True Blue hashers take note: Gladiolust postponned his departure to Shanghai in order to run with MASH!! Some people hash when it is convenient; others plan their schedule around hashing. I'll give you one guess what we recommend. We will miss Gladliolust and hope to share a trail with him again soon! Faceplant was recognized for being the only hasher present stalwart enough to run in shorts while Chris Horne received Sartorial Excellence recognition for his Xmas-themed attire. The Horne family (except Vanessa who was absent) received special Xmas presents from MASH in the form of hashnames: Chris became "Utartan", Karen became "MiJane", and Domenick became "Mr. D" in MASH's first family naming ceremony! Pete Sealy reluctantly accepted the dubious Checking Chicken award from Steve Randolph who seemed please to be rid of the rubber accoutrement. MASHers bid each other "Happy Holidays" as the sun waned and the growing cold left those remaining huddling around the BBQ fire. In the end, it was the MASH Committee who closed the day! Winter, spring, summer or fall -- as usual, a great time was had by all! Runners, walkers, fit, not-so-fit, kids, dogs, families, friends, and new acquaintances all enjoyed MASH's Xmas hash, # 40!p>

On! On!

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