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Mixed All Seoul Hash
MASH Hash # 39 Report
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     MASH 39 may prove to be Large Member's "swansong" hare to MASH and he truly made it worthwhile for the 18 running hashers who ran the 75+ minute route!!! Large Member did two other things that are equally important for all of us who are staying on here in Seoul: he mentored Chris Horne as cohare and found a new site to which we will no doubt return again and again!! Great running and walking trails, new hash sites, and recruiting new hares are just a few of the notable hashing accomplishments that can be mentioned of Large Member. Newer MASHers may not know that he is one of the founding members of MASH and has contributed considerably to helping this group develop and enjoy its outings. But the word on the Svensoys' departure is not definite at this writing so I will not write his MASH eulogy here!

     As previously mentioned, the running trail was brilliant! Long, challenging, with lots of variety of scenery and terrain!! The hashing tongue-in-cheek descriptions of "too short, not enough checks, too flat, boring route, easy to predict" were absolutely appropriate this time around! With MASH 39, Large Member and Chris Horne (who preformed his first hare admirably!) hared another excellent hash for what has become a strong stable of aggressive runners and an active walking group! 57 bodies turned out for MASH 39 and as we promised, the weather was favorable. It was a wonderful hash for the last fall hash for this year!

     Still lacking a dedicated Religious Advisor, Daddy Long Legs presided over the on-after while trying to speed it along as the sun's warmth left quickly when the sun dipped behind a nearby hill. In all the bustle, he managed to forget two very important items: due recognition to OBkwon and Francis Marsh for their hosting of MASH's 2nd Pot Luck Dinner the night before and the mishap(s) associated with trying to get the map to the dinner emailed out. Oh well. The dinner had been great fun with a table of plenty in a very comfortable setting conducive to good conversation with other MASHers and saying goodbye to The General who left Seoul the following morning. It's always a pleasure to see people in a different setting and dressed in something other than running gear -- especially the ladies!

     MASH 39 started with Coyote crashing his car through a stone barrier (sort of!) so all following MASHers could make it through to the parking area which was an excellent site just 500 meters from the Wondang station (line #3). Coyote was awarded a FDD (Four Detection Device) by Large Member in good fun before MASH 39 set off as most everyone had arrived early as requested and we only started ten minutes late. Chris Horne and Dances with Dogs guided the 18 running MASHers on another classic Large Member-set trail that had us all around the area for 75+ minutes! Leaves on the trail pose a special challenge to runners and at least three bit the dust enroute: Itchy Gonzales, Gladiolust, and OBkwon! Challenging, absolutely unpredictable checks characterized the route which weaved through the hills and made for a very memorable hash! The walkers arrived shortly after the runner's came in having also enjoyed their outing amongst the surrounging hills and late fall-colored trees!

     During the on-after: Hares were recognized, crimes were punished, newcomers were welcomed, welcome backs were done, some definite and maybe farewells were given, three MASH awards were presented, FacePlant wannabees were recognized, and the Checking Chicken was awarded to Steve Randolph for truly sluggish checking! All MASHers were reminded that how we find and develop these truly neat MASH hash sites is really no mystery and if you have some ideas about other potential sites that you think could make a great outing for all of us -- let us know and we'll work with you to organize a fun outing next spring! Newcomers Ken Hampton, Eva Hajder, Rhett Wyntjes, and Edmonton hasher Michelle Pallier were given the usual libation welcome and definite farewells were made in similar fashion for OBkwon and Fiona du Monceau. It was great to see Brad Wagaman and UB40 again and the 10 MASH hashes award patch was presented to Lost Boy, Sing-Sing, and FacePlant. Last but not least, the checking chicken was presented to Steve Randolph who reluctantly accepted the dubious award while acknowledging his hashing offense. All in all, the on-after went quickly and we closed with our usual 1st verse of Swing Lo before delving into the serious business of grilling and mixing in the waning light and warmth of MASH's last fall hash! As usual, a great time was had by all. Runners, walkers, fit, not-so-fit, kids, dogs, families, friends, and new acquaintances all enjoyed MASH 39. See you next month at MASH 40 on Dec 16th at 1300!!

On! On!

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