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MASH Hash # 38 Report
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     MASH 38 was organized by Coyote & Roadrunner at yet another new hash site which proved to be very enjoyable for the 59 participants who made the wise decision to get out and be active on what now seems like the last day of fall! The site was small but accommodated our growing group nicely and everyone was so commendably early that we actually started on time for a change! Coyote was assisted by Bunny and these two Dutch runners guided the 18 other running MASHers on an excellent route that covered a great variety of terrain (including a balancing rope obstacle!!) and lasted almost exactly 90 minutes! It is becoming our tradition to make our outings longer rather than shorter and this seems to be what everyone wants so we hope all future hares start planning 90-minute routes rather than the traditional 60-minute time length expected at most hashes. It is so much fun to run with a good group of aggressive, friendly runners -- lots of joking, changing leaders due to well-crafted false trails and unpredictable checks, and good variety of scenery. MASH 38 was very worthwhile and satisfying!

     The walkers were led by Roadrunner and Bloody Mary on a very nice route that was timed to return at the same time as the runners! If you have not set a hash before, this can be quite challenging! When done right, good timing looks most masterful indeed! Both runners and walkers came in without any major mishaps. Everyone added some layers quickly, drinks and chips were torn into, the grills were lit, and the mixing began! The on-after was quick and fun with the Dutch hares given their due down-downs in recognition of their successful efforts to make MASH 38 so much fun for everyone, some crimes were punished (Gladiolust had a rap sheet as long as your arm!), some newcomers were welcomed to MASH, some MASH hashing awards were presented, and we did three namings!! Large Member received the MASH hash award patch for having done 30 hashes, Dances with Dogs received the 20 MASH hashes patch (as did their dog, MASH Mutt Small Member!), and Bunny and Diaper both recieved their 10 MASH hashes award patches! It was MASH's considerable honor to name Derek Marsh who will forever be known in hashing circles as "OBkwon!" Eric Rosenbaum was named "Tiny" and Ted Brush was renamed from "Flowery Shrub" to the more appropriate hashing handle "Naughticulus!"

     MASH 38 was closed with our usual first verse of Swing Lo and then the serious business of grilling, eating, drinking, and socializing with each other commenced with vigor! We are really on a roll with good hashes, shared exercise, wholesome family fun, and doing it all outdoors! Winter is coming and this will certainly curtail our post-hash activities but for those that come out, it will still be fun and definitely a worthwhile way to spend the day with your family and MASH hashing friends! See you Nov 18 for MASH 39!!

On! On!

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