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MASH Hash # 37 Report
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     MASH's 2nd anniversary hash (which by our count was # 37) couldn't have been at a nicer site! La Bomba & Joggalotte had recruited a team of cohares to manage the running and walking routes. The weather was perfect, the trail was long and challenging, the onafter was fun, and everyone shared in the celebration of our anniversary hash on such a fine day! It was simply terrific to run in this new area!!

      The map and directions were accurate (for those who followed them!) which means that all who did so arrived without already feeling stressed out from negotiating the traffic. All future hares should keep this in mind because if getting to the hash is as easy as possible, more people will come out and enjoy it! Anyway, the map worked and another 40+ group assembled at the start point. MASH 37 began about 20 minutes late, and we realize that getting around Seoul is no easy task, BUT we really want to encourage everyone to try arriving early rather than just at start time so we can actually start at 2:00! With cooler days approaching, this is important -- particularly for the on-after!!

     With the recent worldwide scares concerning anthrax and anything remotely resembling a powdery substance causing considerable concern in public areas, the use of white flour has become problematic and MASH 37 was our first hash facing this dilemma. The hares found themselves facing an army of Korean firefighters and police over our use of flour and a agreement was reached whereby the hares would stop putting down flour and promised to cover or remove already laid trail markers as the hash was run (and walked)! This caused some problems for slower hashers who found themselves guessing at junctions, etc. We have entered a new era of hashing which will require new methods of trail marking!! Again, all future hares should take note! Hopefully, we will be able to return to using flour, but for the short term we should consider alternative means when possible.

     A group of 18 runners followed an excellent trail set and hared by La Bomba, Mario Mazzocca, and Marizio ?? while walkers also enjoyed a long outing guided by Joggolatte and Fiona du M?? (who traveled all the way up from Taegu again to join MASH!). Runners found themselves taunted by the Checking Chicken throughout the hash which lasted over 90 minutes! Both the runners and walkers were out about the same amount of time which showed how well-organized the hares were!

     After everyone was in, birthday party hats were given out and down-downs commenced! MASH 37 hares were recognized for their very commendable efforts, Newcomers were welcomed, returnees welcomed back, various crimes punished, some MASH actors recognized, Mario was named "Gladiolust", and former MASH Religious Advisor Riccardo Cranium (visiting from Bangkok) was awarded the Checking Chicken and did the down-down from the chicken in good fun! With the temperature dropping quickly, as it will with winter coming on soon, we quickly moved on to the serious business of sharing food and socializing with each other! The onafter site was excellent for enjoying some time together and we stayed until dark savoring the day with MASH friends! It's great fun to discover new places for hashing and encourage everyone to explore interesting areas around Seoul for hashing potential. MASH 37 was another great MASH outing for all who participated -- as it always is!!!

On! On!

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