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MASH Hash # 36 Report
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     MASH 36 was another fun gathering of new and old MASHers who enjoy some running, walking, being outdoors, and sharing the afternoon together. Daddy Long Legs had explored an area near the Soorung Royal Tombs and then recruited Moby Dick and Jung Fitzpatrick to cohare from an area that offered great parking, the friendliest Korean restaurant we have encountered so far, wonderful trails for runners and walkers, and ample privacy for the group to enjoy our time together. There had been some requests for a shorter run than what has become our semi-standard 70+ minute long run so we organized MASH 36 so those interested in a short run could basically run the walker's route. Three separate routes had been the original plan but......when time is tight one tends to compromise so the short run was combined with the walker's route, which turned out to be almost too short but that's another story. The long runners were treated to a classic ridge run with some challenging checks and they managed to come in at around 75 minutes despite Coyote's long run on an un-marked trail with the running pack following like sheep until they finally turned around and found the marked trail again! This hare always thought that Coyotes were supposed to chase sheep; not vice versa! Oh well, the object is to get some running exercise and the runners came in quite sweat-soaked so the objective had been attained and then some!!

     The on-after was fun as usual with our GM, Philippides recognizing the hares and punishing representatives of those countries not making the World Cup playoffs. Some hashing virgins were welcomed including Fiona who had traveled all the way from Teagu to run with MASH! Chris & Karen Horn & kids and Kirsty ?? were also welcomed with down-downs by MASH! Various dubious crimes were duly prosecuted and MASHers were reminded that they should be dressed in hashing attire (read "hash T-shirts"!!) during and after the hash, which seemed to cause a rush on T-shirt purchases from the haberdashery! The 30 MASH hashes patch award was proudly presented to Snuggles and Road Runner with the appropriate amount of admiration for these two faithful MASHers! MASH named Eunhee Park to complement her partner FacePlant so she will forever after be known at the hash as "The Gardener!" Birthday greetings were given to FacePlant who chose to celebrate his 42nd with MASH as well as to other MASHers who recently added another count to their ages! Just as we were about the close, Mario waved the Checking Chicken "award" that he wanted to be relieved of -- especially after he had checked out so many false trails so diligently this time around -- and the dubious award was given to Coyote -- not for failing to check but for his myopic running and leading the pack astray. MASH 36 was formally closed with another abbreviated version of Swing Lo so we could move on the serious business of grilling before the coals burned out!! Everyone had fun visiting, eating and drinking with each other while the kids ate ice cream and played with each other. The restaurant proved to be a nice discovery and there must be many more like this one in other neat places with accessible nearby trail networks that the imaginative hare could turn into a challenging hashing trail!! We love to hash in new places and encourage everyone to explore interesting areas around Seoul for hashing potential. All in all, MASH 36 was another great MASH outing for all who participated as it always is!!!

On! On!

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