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Mixed All Seoul Hash
MASH Hash # 35 Report
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     MASH 35 had a record-setting attendence with over sixty bodies present! It's too bad we are not able to offer such a plush, novel setting for all our MASH outings!! Oh well, the true hashers will be there most of the time and anyone else is welcome whenever they feel up to it!! If everyone who said they were coming to MASH 35 had showed up, we would have been more than 70!! Regardless of the numbers, it was indeed a fun hash with so many families and new MASHers present and the most runners MASH has ever fielded!

     Special thanks to our host and walking hare; MASH Grand Master, Philippides who made it all possible. The runners owe a nod of respect to one of MASH's most experienced hares, Large Member for creating a very challenging, absolutely worthwhile route full of varied terrain, twists and turns, and yes, it was long!! MASH Mutt, Small Member (aka Brownie) also ran with the runners in case we got lost. Despite the fact that the British Embassy is quite centrally located, Large Member managed to find a route that only had the runners running along busy streets for a few hundred meters! It is our hope that some of the less-experienced runners took some notes as they ran the route because Large Member has proven once again that a decent if not altogether excellent hash route can be put together from nearly any location with some imagination plus a lot of exploration!! MASH 35 was, indeed, another classic hash for the MASH record books!!

     The on-after was fun as well with the hares being recognized, the Terry Fox marathon of hope participants from MASH were recognized, newcomers welcomed, a few crimes prosecuted, some welcomebacks, the 20 MASH hashes patch award to The General, the 10 MASH hashes patch to Stinky Feet, a naming for a MASH couple that we hope adds another dimension to their future together: Jelle van Hengel and Sue Kim were named "Lucky Won" and "Lucky Too" respectively, and a group of MASH girls were given a down-down as well for being too cute to ignore!! Last but not least was the awarding of the Checking Chicken award to Mario who was also punished for Blood on the trail!! The GM administered a quiz to Boyscout (representing the walkers) and Crusty Sweetbreads (who was selected to represent the runners) in another attempt to ascertain which group is smarter. Although the results may have been biased, it would seem that the quiz results support the widely-held view that true running hashers consist largely of those "Half-a-Mind" characters of which I proudly include myself!!!! Cheers to Crusty Sweetbreads for upholding the finest traditions!!

      After the on-after, a feast was had by all who brought things to grill and share. Thanks to La Bomba and Louise West and Lady Blue (and anyone else not named who did!) for bringing dishes to share!! The day closed with our usual horrendous version of the sacred hash anthem "Swing Lo!" We also failed to bid a final farewell to our most experienced MASHer and MASH Horn, Aku who is leaving Korea but hopefully will make it back for another MASH from time to time. All in all, it was another great MASH outing for all who participated as it always is!!!

On! On!

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