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MASH Hash # 34 Report
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     MASH 34 was without a doubt a classic hash in that it was long, physically challenging, totally unpredictable, downright treacherous at times and ultimately....very satisfying. The venue was the area behind the Swiss Grand Hotel which MASH has used four times now with many more variations awaiting the inventive hare. The hares of this day were La Bomba & Faceplant (for the trusting runners) while Joggalotte & Eunhee Park guided the walkers for nearly a 90-minute outing! The trails were well-marked and the route was deceptively woven into a grueling hash that keen hashers love to hate! The on-after saw yours truly standing in once again for our Grand Master who was in town but not recovered from that psychosomatic illness called "Jet Lag" sufficiently enough to consider entertaining the plebes with his eminence. And now that MASH has entered the "Post-Riccardo as RA" stage, that vital function was handled quite well by Large Member! Down-downs were given to the hares in recognition of their superlative efforts, to a new Dutch couple who joined MASH for their first hash, a couple of kids were named, some awardees were recognized for having done 10 MASH hashes, and a variety of crimes were punished as well. We remembered to sing at least the first verse of Swing Lo before moving on to the inportant business of grilling, eating, and chatting with one another. As usual, it was another worthwhile MASH outing!

On! On!

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