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Mixed All Seoul Hash
MASH Hash # 33 Report
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      MASH 33 was another challenging hash hared by the indomitable duo of Coyote & Roadrunner, two of the most active MASHers with assistance from another MASH hashing couple Jelle & Sue who took care of the walkers. The site was good, the parking adequate, the trails were abundant, the company was enjoyable, the running was challenging, the post-hash mixing was predictably fun. Down-downs were given to the hares in appreciation for their efforts, newcomers were welcomed, some minor crimes were punished, and Copilot was awarded her 10 MASH hashes patch along with Daddy Long Legs who was presented the coveted 30 MASH hashes patch by Coyote. The day was hot but fun for all who joined on this first and last hash of August. Many thanks to Coyote and Roadrunner for making the event worthwhile. And additional thanks to Sue for making the delicious trays of Kimbab.

On! On!

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