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Mixed All Seoul Hash
MASH Hash # 32 Report
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      MASH 32 was the challenging "swan song" farewell hash hared by the most experienced hasher associated with MASH, none other than MASH Horn, Aku. Throughout the day, Aku could be seen grinning as a person does when they are truly enjoying what they are doing. His enjoyment and satisfaction in haring MASH 32 was obvious to all of us! Fellow countryman and novice hasher Achim Woehrle was recruited to learn the ropes of haring and he was fortunate to have had the privilege to cohare with veteran hasher like Aku. The trail was long, varied, scenic, unpredictable, and worth every sun-blazing step! Anyone who loves a good run enjoyed this outing!

      The on-site setting in a special parking area adjacent to the Korean National Railway Museum was an excellent on-after location with good privacy, shade, and lots of passing trains to watch!! The on-after was presided by Daddy Long Legs and Large Member who managed a respectful performance sharing the Religious Advisor duties. The hares were acknowledged, a variety of crimes were punished (including Eric Rosenbaum's brightly-colored new shoes and his "million dollar" socks), some MASH virgins were welcomed, some good MASH friends were farewelled (All the best to Ultraman and Meelips!), Aku was awarded his 20 MASH hashes patch, Coyote received the checking chicken award (noone is sure why!), and Marianne Baker was hash-named "Bloody Mary" for a certain mishap that she survived with commendable style during MASH 26.

      Roadrunner brought along some great pasta which the group enjoyed with chips, melon, and drinks. As always, that warm, welcoming "family" feeling was there. To be a regular MASHer is definitely one answer as to how to make the most of your time in Seoul! All of us who shared in Aku's farewell MASH hash savored another great family-oriented outing. Ultraman, who has hashed with all the Seoul hashing kennels paid Aku the kind of hash compliment that means much to hares who often spend many hours trying to devise a memorable, enjoyable trail for all to enjoy. He said, "I've run with all the Seoul hashes and I've always enjoyed running with MASH -- especially the trail today!"

On! On!

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