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MASH Hash # 29 Report
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      MASH 29 represented a great mix of being outdoors, getting some exercise, mixing with friends, and having a few beers! Hared by Itchy Gonzales and Fuzzy Navel who did an outstanding job to make the outing fun for all of the 22 adults, 5 kids, and 3 dogs who attended. The route was long but not overly challenging although running in the heat of the day was taxing! The scenery was worthwhile and the on-after was great fun! Itchy was annointed as Queen for the day in honor of the previous day's Ball and she "was amused" often as were her subjects who were awarded down-downs for various reasons. Following much encouragement from everyone an often-too-shy Alexander was formally named "Fireball" and did his down-down in fine style! The following are comments from the hares:

      Running hare Itchy Gonzales: "Too cold, too short, and too flat. Those were just a few of the comments made after the second annual Itchy MASH (from which, I am afraid, I have developed yet another mysterious rash!?!?). The meek and feeble were frightened from the go after reading the curiously abbreviated and ominous directions to the start site. Those who arrived at the scene were pleased to find sunny weather and excellent spirits: smiles were all around and water guns were distributed to the children, both tall and small. Then began the run, and smiles soon gave way to serious concern as the runners realized they were in for a long and challenging run. Down and up they went, up and down, with their water guns shooting furiously. Twenty minutes into the run, the horn sounded less, the water guns were low on ammunition, and runners remembered with trepidation the last grueling run in Suyu. Not to be disappointed, the runners went up and down, down and up, on the road, off the road, and on a most beautiful and shaded trail. After posing for a Bond-like picture at the half-way point, the runners enjoyed the downhill with lots of chat and good humor. It's even rumored that they stopped along the way at a small outdoor cafe for a beer. They arrived red-faced and crying for beverage nearly one and a half hours later. An enjoyable and physically challenging run, the MASH crew proved once again that the MASH isn't only about physical fitness, but about having fun and chatting with your friends along the way! On-On!!!"

      Walking Hare Fuzzy Navel: "I'm glad to say everyone had a great day, and we had a great turnout. The walkers group enjoyed the trail, even though it was longish, it was an enjoyable walk. The children didn't seem to notice the "extra mile" as they were too busy having fun with their water guns. In fact they were so far ahead we thought we had lost them at one stage! Well done kids."

      It was another great MASH outing!

On! On!

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