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MASH Hash # 28 Report
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      MASH 28 was MASH's hosting of one of the 4th annual HATROK series of hashes in a prime time slot at an excellent location with a challenging, scenic trail for runners and walkers! Hares included yours truly, Snuggles and first-time hares La Bomba and his wife, Stefania. The route was intended to be long but not too long. It was an "A" to "B" route to make maximum use of the classic ridge trail that runs north of Susaek station nearly all the way to the Sorung Royal Tombs. There were four points along the trail where walkers and runners could choose to switch between either route affording a certain degree of flexibility for all participants. One of the important lessons learned for us was that we need to make sure that the proper directions to the start point get out. Apparently, a considerable number of the Yongsan kennel plus many others were told the wrong exit # from Susaek station. This caused mass confusion for those who are accustomed to accepting instructions without question and resulted in many hashers missing an worthwhile hash and a glimpse of what MASH is all about. We will try to fix that next year!

      In any case, after an abortive start because I outsmarted myself by trying to add a false trail in the beginning as a teaser, the runners finally were rounded up and unleashed the right direction to find the trail and enjoy the efforts of the hares. La Bomba ran along with the runners to ensure all went well while DLL relocated mid-trail and set up a water stop. Snuggles and Stefania managed the walkers without mishap throughtout the longish route. The only injury came to visiting Teagu hasher "Church Mouse" who twisted an ankle and was very happy to be driven in from the water stop. Lead runners and walkers arrived within a few minutes of each other and late-arriving strollers trickled in for nearly forty minutes afterwards.

      MASH RA, Riccardo Cranium was in excellent form and aptly demonstrated to our visitors that hashing isn't really hashing unless the RA possesses the British accent and accompanying sense of humor. Hares were acknowledged, Mario was punished for wearing new shoes by having to drink a down-down from his shoe and did so without blinking (He is definitely a natural hasher!), Flowery Shrub was harrassed further by the RA, First-Ins were recognized and Crusty Sweetbreads subsequently received a special HATROK award for being in first of the runners. The HASH anthem was sang, mimed, and hummed by all present with a variety of versions observed, and then the businss of eating commenced. MASH Cash Roadrunner had coordinated with cohare Stefania to have a feast for the occasion and everyone enjoyed their efforts. The on-after setting lent itself to hanging out but most everyone had to get going so the way back was explained and all returned uneventfully (We hope!).

      It was terrific to meet so many of the other hashers from around Korea and we look forward to hosting another MASH HATROK hash next year. MASH was especially impressed that DirkOff's little three-year-old managed the entire distance without being carried and even helped her father find the way when he attempted a futile shortcut. Our thanks to DirkOff for all the work he did to make the HATROK series the major event that it was!

On! On!

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