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Mixed All Seoul Hash
MASH Hash # 27 Report
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     A beautiful hot day dawned for Mash 27. Mashers sweltered at the on site before ploughing up into Bukhansan foothills. Some valiant checking by Itchy at the first check. There was confusion at the second check, caused by a sadistically long false trail and the FRBs missing the falsie sign. But eventually the mashers were rallied and climbed to the third check, on a striking rock promontary (Mumbles wanted to show them the lovely view). Then on back to an even higher peak crowned by the fourth check, and another sadistically long false trail - they were getting the measure of those b***d hares now.

     At this point the short-routers turned left for a gentle stroll home, while the long-routers scrambled down a ridge into a shady valley and the fifth check. After finding an obscure path through some undergrowth we hit another valley and the sixth check. At the seventh check Itchy, after more valiant checking uphill, pronounced the hares totally evil. Ricardo Cranium remarked "It is certainly a beautiful trail; just a shame it was set by such devious *****s"

     On past a village and the eighth check, then back up hill to find the on in trail. Excellent circle (actually more of a line in the shade) in which the Mashers said farewell in fine style to Mumbles and Legless, by writing all over their "Last Hash" presentation T-shirts.

On! On!

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