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MASH Hash # 26 Report
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     MASH # 26 was a terrific MASH hashing outing for the 30+ people who came out!!!! Located near Kwachon City on the eastern side of some tree-covered hills (with Seoul Grand Park on the other side), the hash site used by Coyote and Roadrunner and Brad Wagaman was quite remarkable. MASH was treated to an introduction of a hashing standard, "Father Abraham" before starting out. The runners did some road running which was no surprise considering the hares' backgrounds plus lots of trail running which included a grueling climb that had the RA wailing and trailing behind. It seems that there were numerous variations to the hares' claim that from each check there would be only one correct way, but the trail was well-marked throughout and served to change the leadership during the entire run. Daddy Long Legs who was tricked into coming in dead last at the previous MASH used his gile and dumb luck to come in just in front of Hans Bakker after a very challenging hash. It was nice to see that the group was about evenly split between runners and walkers who were led by Brad Wagaman around a scenic route that had its own share of challenging climbs. First-time MASHer Ann Louise Whalstrom found herself alone in the woods but managed to find her way back with the aid of Mr. Cellphone and Snuggles' guidance. The only mishap came to Marriane Bakker who seemed intent to demonstrate to visiting nieces Monique and Nicole that even if you fall face first onto sharp rocks, you can continue on! Despite her injuries, she stayed on and demonstrated the kind of spirit that more people should try to emulate in such situations. MASH compliments her spirit! Upon everyone's return from the hash, we discovered that our parking area and intended on-after site had become a outdoor church service which prompted us to move to another site where we successfully "negotiated" with a restauranteur about using their important parking spaces for our on-after down-downs and post-hash picnic BBQ! Special thanks to Myoung Wagaman for acting as MASH diplomat/translator throughout the on-after.

     The down-downs were administered with his usual aplomb by MASH Religious Advisor, Riccardo Cranium who began by telling the group some of the history of hashing and then quizzing Flowery Shrub and punishing him accordingly! Hares: Coyote, Roadrunner, and first-time hare Brad Wagaman were recognized for their much-appreciated efforts. MASH virgins: Bart, Mario, Ann-Louise, Nicole & Monique were welcomed. Two namings were done: Alberto Miotto was annointed as "La Bomba" and the RA demonstrated his penchant for more hyper-masculine hash names by presenting Hans Bakker with the moniker of "Bunny"!! Various crimes were punished and Snuggles was awarded her 20 hashes patch! The preceedings were properly culminated by a respectable rendition of the first verse of Swing-Lo, the hashing anthem sung around the world by hashing kennels like ours who enjoy getting out for some exercise followed by some beers and mixing with like-minded friends!!!

     Following the ceremony, our attention turned to the important business of BBQing and sharing lots of great food and wine! The pleasure of cooking out and having the time to chat with new friends is always enjoyable, and after sharing a challenging run the comradery somehow seems even better! It was very nice to see Jelle and Sue sharing some time hashing with MASH! A special welcome to the first-time MASHers; we hope you will want to join us again soon! For the regulars: as always, it was fun! See you next time!!

On! On!

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