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MASH Hash # 25 Report
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     MASH # 25 was a milestone hashing event for this family-oriented group that meets monthly (with some extra hashes here and there!). The weather was perfect and much appreciated after such a long, winter! Runners and walkers were treated to an outing that epitomizes Spring: verdant hills, flowering trees and bushes at every turn, warm but not burning sunlight, the smell of spring freshness everywhere! It was a terrific site that Large Member and Dances with Dogs found and used for this special MASH hashing event. The commemorative T-shirts were well-received and were given as a reward to all who chose to spend Earth Day hashing with MASH! Runners were challenged by an excellent trail set by the wily Large Member in great hashing county! The route proofed challenging but not impossible even for MASH dog, Brownie who faked being lost in order to have a number of able runners log more kilometers in a futile search. Brownie came in on his own long before the others were called back! After the hash, everyone enjoyed snacks and drinks while savoring the sun's warmth on such a beautiful day!! The Hares provided some tasty fried rice (aka "African stew") and others shared dishes so that all enjoyed a feast while visiting with each other. The circle was formed and the RA dispensed awards, recognition, and punishments accordingly! The hare was recognized for his efforts and then awarded the MASH "20 hashes" patch along with Roadrunner! Congratulations! Some infrequent MASHers were welcomed back and Ted Brush was named. The jury is still out on the spelling so we will follow up on this later. All in all, it was another excellent MASH outing: runners ran, walkers walked, kids played, dogs played, everyone laughed alot, some drank a few beers, some drank more; we all had a good time! We always do!!

On! On!

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