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Mixed All Seoul Hash
MASH Hash # 24 Report
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     MASH # 24 was an excellent hash albeit poorly attended. Runners enjoyed a challenging route complete with a classic ridge run! Walkers also had some terrific views to enjoy and all finished just around an hour within a few minutes of each other. MASH enjoyed the visit by Ted Brush's wife Laura and welcomes her back anytime she is in Korea. The solo hare who organized nearly everything forgot to bring a means to light the BBQ but Alberto saved the day with some impressive pyromania skills. While we waited for the coals to get ready, DLL and Coyote administered some down-downs: the three new Danish MASHers (Anders, Anders, and Rune) were initiated into hashing culture; our favorite running Danette, Janne Oldager was welcomed back; and the hare was acknowledged and awarded his patch for having done 20+ MASH hashes! Yeah Daddy Long Legs!!! The post hash BBQ/picnic was really fun because it's always nice to share food with an international group of like-minded friends! It was a veritable feast!!! It got cold quickly and we left enmasse after policing the area. All in all, it was another fine MASH outing!!

On! On!

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