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MASH Hash # 22 Report
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     MASH # 22 followed just two days after Seoul received the most snow in 32 years and of course we hashed!!! Itchy Gonzales was the intended hare but had to work at the last minute so ever faithful Large Member produced an excellent route from Mumbles' place using sawdust to mark the trail that had the runners out for 70+ minutes. He showed once again that a decent trail is possible nearly anywhere!! His checks were challenging and worked perfectly!! The walkers were led by our equally dependable GM on a walk alongside Namsan and finally through its trees and trails. Both groups made it back without injuries or falls miraculously despite ice and snow everywhere! Nearly all the runners were attacked by Coyote during the run when he remembered what snow is best for when the temperature is below freezing: snowballs!!!! He proved the he has a good arm and accurate aim as well!! Meanwhile, the kids who were with the walkers made good use of the snow with their sleds that were carried along and used when possible. All in all, the outing was a great hash although everyone present agreed that we are all looking forward to spring and running on dry trails again!!!
     When we all returned and added some warmer layers, the RA dispensed with his duties in a timely manner: acknowledging the hares; naming Ingeborg Ribe "SnowWhite"; punishing the committee for good measure; awarding the MASH "10 hashes" patch to himself, G-String, Aku, Mumbles, Dances with Dog, and newly named SnowWhite; and producing an impromptu quiz for the runners and walkers that demonstrated his wit while proving for all who witnessed the contest of wits that walkers are infintely more intelligent than runners -- there were many good laughs for everyone!!!! Down-downs were awarded and drank with an urgency one only finds on a cold, winter day!! We all long to hash in warmer weather again soon! With the temperature dropping faster than the sun, we left Mumbles' place hoping that the last of the winter hashes was behind us!! Like January, it had been coooold, yes, but it was also fun as it always is!!!

On! On!

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