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Mixed All Seoul Hash
MASH Hash # 21 Report
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     MASH # 21 was the coldest hash we have done to date! As the hare who spent a few hours scouting and marking the route, I know it was damn cold!! But hashing is about going out and doing it no matter what the weather is! For the stalwart thirteen who braved the elements to see the area we found for MASH 21, it was actually a fun outing despite the cold!
     The map worked as a precursor of future MASH outings which we plan to organize around using the public transportation system to avoid traffic jams as much as possible! The day was clear and not too windy. It was cold but once the runners and walkers started out and generated some body heat, the hashing was pleasureable! Runners were challenged with finding their way by looking for orange ribbons (as a nod to the Seoul H3 1550th which we conflicted with)! The frozen snow actually served as a kind of cushion in some places while the icy parts served as slides!!! Trying to weave the surrounding elements into an enjoyable run with as much terrain variety as possible, the runners ran various segments of the ridge, through a sizeable length of trench, next to a buddhist temple, by several burial mounds, past numerous exercise stations, along scenic wooded trails, and all without too much up and down climbing (hare's opinion only)! Along their route the runners also "found" late-arrivals Crusty Sweetbreads and Boyscout who were out finding their way. Later they became totally lost but that's another story! The walkers enjoyed a classic ridge walk with terrific views of Seoul all around! Ingeborg Svensoy, Large Member's daughter had brought her sled along and she clearly enjoyed the outing! All runners and walkers returned after an eighty-minute outing nearly simultaneously thanks to Snuggles' skillful haring of the walkers!
     The on-after was a trial even by the most generous pro-MASH description as sweaty runners and walkers enjoyed hot carrot soup and warm bread as the sun's faint warmth waned. Respecting Hash traditions though, the hares and hosts Snuggles and Daddy Long Legs were given down-downs and the new MASH award for "10 hashes" was awarded to Itchy Gonzales whose run that day counted as her tenth! Also earning the "10 hashes" award were Coyote, RoadRunner, Snuggles, Daddy Long Legs, Large Member, The General, and our ever-present Grand Master, Philippides!! Singing was abbreviated but the GM led the group in a post-hash version of "Father Abraham" to generate some warmth! It had been coooold, yes, but it was also fun as it always is!!!

On! On!

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