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MASH Hash # 20 Report
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     The New Year's Joint Hash was great fun despite the cold because of all the effort that SouthSideH3's Ultraman, Davey Crotchit, and the Southside committee plus our own Riccardo Cranium put into the event! In case you weren' t there, Tongjak Station is very close to the National Cemetery which is a great place to go for a walk almost anytime of year! The walkers consisted of quite a few hungover hashers who had already done the Yongsan Kimchi hash earlier that morning as well two dogs and the RA's boss and two dogs! Daddy Long Legs led the walkers in the "back way" for a tour through the cemetery who were encouraged to control their boisterous enthusiam while walking through the cemetery. The entire group warmed up to "Father Benjamin" before setting out and a few less able runners defected to the walker's route when they learned the Ultraman was the live hare. The runners chased live hares Ultraman and our spontaneously recruited Coyote on a great run around the area east of the cemetery.

     Everyone returned without injury and the feasting began! The post-hash spread organized by the SouthSide was truly a glutunous affair! The SouthSiders really do the post-hash food very well! There was soup, pasta, beef stew, sandwiches, chips, vegetables, etc plus a great selection of beer! The fifteen MASHers who came out for the day were very, very impressed! My kids didn't hash but they played with lots of the SouthSide and Yongsan hashers breaking ice in the river bed. My thanks to all of those who looked out for my kids throughout the hash and afterwards!

     The down-downs were informal and fun and the SouthSiders went out of their way to make all of us "family" hashers feel comfortable! It was great fun! They provided two barrels used for fire and everyone had lots of fun eating, drinking, singing, and sharing the day! I was very impressed with the variety of hash headgear that they sported! Specially-designed commemorative hooded sweatshirts were available for sale and most went quickly! We also introduced out new MASH patch which was awarded to all MASHers who attended. We expect to coordinate many more hashing activities with the other hashes in the future! Thanks again to all for making the New Year's hash great fun!!!

On! On!

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