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Mixed All Seoul Hash
MASH Hash # 19 Report
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     MASH's Christmas hash was great fun! MASH enjoyed a wonderfully sunny day to run through the back streets of Itaewon and in the nearby hills! Large Member once again proved his hashing prowess by demostrating that a very good hash can be organized nearly anywhere! The on-after was, as usual, also fun as MASH friends mixed and laughed and drank in the waning afternoon sunlight! Dances with Dogs the cohare and hostess had made Norwegian glögg and soup and homemade pastries for the group! New comers were welcomed! Aku, the MASH Horn, was recognized for all he has done to help make MASH a better hash, and Gunar Jirgens and Chris Gotch were named "UB40" and "Gotcho" respectively. Daddy Long Legs was found guilty of wearing new shoes. And the day was closed out with a pitch for all to join us on New Year's Day for a Joint hash with the Southside H3! It wasn't too cold and it is always worth the effort to get out and MASH once a month! Another fun hash was enjoyed by all!!
On! On!
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