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Mixed All Seoul Hash
MASH Hash # 18 Report
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     MASH #18 on the 18th was great! Many thanks to Dangerman for his solo effort in making it a terrific hash for the 38 who came out!!

     It was a sunny day and the MASH faithful were only slightly delayed by road construction on the way to the hash site. Dangerman had found an ideal site for his second MASH hash and after a few pre-hash announcements for hares to ponder as they ran, the On-On was declared and #18 began. This hash circumnavigated Mt. Paegnyong in a clockwise direction but the trail was never too obvious. Great checks demonstrated Dangerman's considerable hashing acumen!! Runners and walkers traveled the same ground until they came to a fork which was marked "S" for smarter hashers opting for the shortest way to the beer and "L" for hashers of low morale character desiring a longer run for their past sins. Both groups were treated to scenic trails throughout the outing. At one point, Crusty Sweetbreads led the pack off trail and into some urban sprawl for a considerable distance until the pack became skeptical and abandoned Crusty in the urban setting. Back on trail with Aku and the pack continued!!

     Just when the runners were starting to wonder where they were, the onsite appeared over a rise and the beer began to flow. It was a race with time as the sun threatened to take away its ambient warmth and MASH hashers wanted to savor a beer with friends before donning extra layers. Hot soup was available and very welcome as the day began to turn cool. More late-arriving hashers from the earlier Yongsan Kimchi H3 and the SouthSide H3 kennels with families in tow were quickly welcomed as the RA launched into the on-after down-downs.

     Dangerman was given his due reward of down-down and song from a grateful MASH for his excellent haring efforts. Dangerman had executed the whole thing on his own and had also coordinated with Cohare "Pizza Man" to deliver numerous hot pizzas to the very appreciative group. Newcomers were welcomed and those with ribald hash names explained in PG13 terms. Some American hashers who claimed not to be from Florida were given down-downs for the U.S. voting debacle, but none were questioned as to whether they had actually voted themselves. Two MASH Hash names were awarded: The shameless Susan Nicholson fought her way in to the center and kneeled in eager anticipation of feeling the RA's wet naming wand only to be given a down-down for another crime but later she was annointed as "Fuzzy Navel" for drinking escapades and Mitch Auerbach became "Diaper" for reasons that only those who know him well may appreciate. "Dances with Dogs" was called up for failing to help the RA become more domesticated, and after her punishment confirmed that she and hubby "Large Member" would be haring the next MASH hash on December 16th!! This time around, MASH remembered to perform the hash anthem but our rendition still leaves something to be desired. The RA encourages all MASHers to refer to the website for MASH song lyrics before the next hash!!

     The cold crept in quickly as the sun departed and MASHers left secure in the knowledge that they had been to yet another excellent MASH hash. Thanks again to Dangerman and cohare Pizza Man!

On! On!
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