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Mixed All Seoul Hash
MASH Hash # 17 Report
The MASH 1st Anniversary Hash!!
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     MASH's 1st anniversary hash had all the factors that any hash committee could hope for: ideal weather, record attendence, a challenging-but-not-too-grueling runner's route, lots of scenery for runners and walkers alike, a kid's route as well, an entertaining on-after, a post-hash BBQ with lots of food, smiles and good friendship all around!!! It was a fine day for all who participated. If there was any doubt about God not being a hasher, those thoughts were disspelled the following day which was much cooler and only half as sunny!

     Daddy Long Legs, Snuggles, and The General organized a formidable runner's route, a separate walker's route, and even a kid's route to accommodate the MASH "family" formula on this milestone event. After a slight delay while waiting for the arrival of the RA with the commemorative MASH Anniversary T-shirts plus MASH's new haberdashery T-shirts, the hares briefed the plebes about ignoring "W"s and looking for the 17 checks, etc ad nauseaum. Before the hash began, Davey Crotchit, the GM of the SouthSideH3, the GM from the FullMoonH3/PMSH3, and a representative dignitary from the Yongsan Kimchi H3 extended their collective good wishes to the MASH faithful on the occasion of our anniversary!! They only stopped by to say hello as they were off to run the Chun Chon marathon the next day. Inspired by the comradery amongst the Seoul hashes, the group took off to begin MASH # 17.

     The runners were treated to the product of DLL's many hours of walking and running all around Mt.An with the goal of coming up with a commendable route worthy of an anniversay hash. There was a considerable variety of terrain -- including the summit! -- and capped off with a long ridge run descent via dirt trails with blazing fall colors all around! The first runners in were Butr, Roadrunner, and Itchy Gonzales after nearly 90 minutes of good hashing on an imperfect but enjoyable trail layed by DLL. The walkers had enjoyed a counter-clockwise circumnavigation of Mt.An with lots of fall colors at every turn! The General had led the group at a true military pace for the 75-minute outing and most kept up!! Snuggles sacrificed her eagerness to challenge Butr for "First In" by leading a band of energetic kids along a special kid's route which lasted nearly 45 minutes! Everyone returned without injury or mishap. The runner's were especially satisfied with their challenging hash!! Their smiles and comments reaffirmed that if a hare is going to err in planning a hash, let it be on the side of "too long" rather than "too short"!!

     The anniversary hash on-after was entertaining and the warm sun made the down-downs enjoyable for all involved:  Hares were acknowledged, "First In" Butr was awarded a down-down for his running proess, newcomers were welcomed, returning MASHers punished for their absence, a MASH naming was done, some anniversary awards were presented, and then we closed the on-after without managing to do the Hash Anthem (Swing Lo)!! or announcing the next MASH!! Oh well. Leslie Stolicker was named "Groveler" in the naming ceremony that showed the RA's wit and good humor in great form. Welcome Groveler!! Boyscout and Daddy Long Legs were awarded honorary titles from the RA and will no doubt display them proudly for evermore.

      Following the on-after, there was a frenzy of BBQing as the MASH faithful, hungry from their hashing, commenced to grill and eat and drink and smile and laugh and enjoy the sunny, warm fall day as it turned into a pleasantly warm autumn evening. It was magic! With three grills and lots of food brought by nearly everyone, it was a gluttonous affair with plenty for all! Much discussion centered on making the post-hash BBQ a regular feature of MASH. If you would like to express your opinion on this, we welcome your comments. At the end of the day, the hares were very happy with the 1st MASH Anniversary Hash, confident that all who participated had enjoyed themselves thoroughly, and, most importantly, looking forward to haring, hosting, and hashing again!!
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