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Mixed All Seoul Hash
MASH Hash # 16 Report
The Olympic MASH!!
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     The last day of September saw a hardy band of MASH faithful running the hills and paved trails of the Olympic Park. It has always been this hasher's policy to explain to anyone interested in hashing that if they join the hash, they are guaranteed to see places they would most likely never see on their own. MASH # 16 demonstrated this quite accurately as few of us had ever been to the Olympic Park! This hash was a fantastic introduction to this art-filled park with attractively-designed man-made hills and ponds that were both picturesque and worthy of its title. It seemed the hares had unwittingly opted to use the "Good guy, Bad guy" routine on the unsuspecting runners as one hare (Riccardo Cranium) apparently marked the route alone using microscopic chalk arrows in an array of hard-to-see colors while the other hare (Crusty Sweetbreads) had the unenviable task of trying to herd the runners along the route. Crusty countered any negative comments from the runners by stating rather dismissingly that the frustrated runners simply needed to pay more attention to find the marks. Such are the trials and tribulations of hashing in public places!! The hares submitted the following comment in their defense: "Regarding the verbal abuse slung at the running hares regarding the quality (or lack thereof) of the trail, the hares maintain that the marks were easy to see by all those under the age of 37!" All in all, the run turned out to be challenging enough and the tour through the scenic park was an excellent introduction for those of us who might opt to picnic there again later. The walkers were guided along by walking hare G-String without any mishaps but their route wasn't overly taxing and did not include the expansive sculture garden where the runners passed a gauntlet of four very impressive nude male specimens (one of which was unfortunately headless!). The down-downs were quick and easy as MASH welcomed the West family and an Italian couple into the fold, hashnamed Itchy Gonzales' dog from her Christian name of "Sofie" to "Dumper" for reasons that I will let your imagination conjure, and recognized Butr as a "true blue" hasher who seems to patronize all the Seoul hashes!! The outing to Olympic Park was enjoyable to be sure but if we go there again, allow me to recommend using the public transportation as a much quicker way to get there and return. All in all, it was another excellent MASH outing!  On! On!/blockquote>
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