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Mixed All Seoul Hash
MASH Hash # 15 Report
The Typhoon MASH!!
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     This past Saturday saw a core group of MASHers determined to hash despite any inclement weather that Typhoon Saomai might bring to bear on our hashing spirit! To our collective surprise, it was actually fairly mild during most of MASH # 15 and the hares led assembled runners and walkers on a very memorable hash! Splashing was the order of the day while lead hare Coyote guided the runners on a worthy trail around Umyonsan Mountain. The walkers were taken on an adventurous excursion by cohare Road Runner that was only slightly shorter than the runner's route. Not to be intimidated by a Typhoon or insult the hashers with a "short-route-due-to-inclement-weather", Coyote took the runners on a 90-minute run up and down and around the flanks of Umyonsan. The wind and rain actually added an element of adventure that all present enjoyed thoroughly!

     If you've ever stayed back from going to something that you wondered about later as to whether you should or could have gone to, MASH # 15 should be added to your list if you hesitated to join us Saturday. You know what they say: Heroes only die once while cowards die many times over!!

     The hashing was glorious in the light rain that greeted us like a surrendering farewell from Saomai and the wind felt like a silent cheer for our determination to hash despite the weather! Special congratulations to Snuggles, The General, Butr, Dances with Dogs, Lesley S, Susan N, Ted B, as well as dedicated committee members Philippides, Large Member, Riccardo Cranium, and yours truly! Special thanks to hares Coyote and Road Runner for their decison to hare and host MASH # 15 Saturday despite less than ideal weather.

     The Korean Herald described Saturday's typhoon has having "forced organizers of the 50th anniversary of the Inchon landings during the Korean War to move the main ceremony for several thousand people indoors." MASH didn't and we hope we never will. In fact, we were more concerned about a rumor that we might be inundated by uncountable hordes from the Yongsan Kimchi and SouthSide hashes but none managed to find the on-site to join us during this Typhoon hash! The on-after was relocated to the comfort of the hares' nearby residence and plans were made for future MASHes. All in all, it was another excellent MASH outing! On! On!!
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