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MASH Hash # 14 Report
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     It wasn't until the heavy rains of Sunday morning woke us up that we realized how fortunate we were (once again!) with the weather for MASH # 14! A most unconventional Hash was hosted by our Grand Master, Philippides from his residence in the Itaewon area. The "Give-Us-A-Clue" theme raised more than a few eyebrows as the group started off, but all runners confirmed afterwards that they had appreciated the poetry and their appearance indicated that the run had been good as well! A minor army from the YKH3 and S2H3 groups joined some of the MASH faithful for #14 and a fun on-after in the GM's garden. The newly arrived MASH tankards were initiated into use by a variety of down-downs. Despite the grey day, it turned out to be a record attendence for MASH with 40 runners and walkers turning out for some exercise and a few beers with friends!

     The following is an account of MASH # 14 from noneother than the hare himself:

     "MASH #14: the "give us a clue" Hash
A record turn-out on Saturday 19 August for Mash #14. Normal MASH mathematics (count number of legs and divide by two) failed on this occasion to measure the multitude assembled in downtown Itaewon. A more traditional head count (one, two, quite a few) solved the problem: four of the hairiest legs belonged to the Mash Mutt. And our youngest participant was on wheels: - perambulated by proud parents). Final total: forty Mashers. A warm welcome to our South Side and Yongsan Kimchi Hash colleagues who joined us. And grateful thanks to the Almighty for putting a hash-hold on the torrential rain for the afternoon.
     Balding Hare Philippides called the assembly to order and explained the workings of the rain-proof, (no trail signs to wash away), environmentally-friendly (oh all right, then: - possibly some noise pollution, and perhaps the occasional emission of noxious gases/body odours) give-us-a-clue Hash. Runners would make their way to a start point, open the envelope containing the first clue, apply logic and deductive reasoning to solve it, follow the route indicated to the check point, open the second envelope, et cetera, et cetera. (Impressively intellectual - all to disprove that unkind person who said "if you have half a mind to hash: that's all you need!). Even more impressive: the clues were written in the language of Shakespeare, complete with rhyming couplets. They sought to guide the massed Mashers past the Hyatt Hotel, down - and hash back up - Veggie Hill, round the mountain road to the Goethe (got the Tee Shirt) Institute, up Nam-San to the tower, down again, back to the Hyatt and on on home. (Hands up all of those half-minders who chose not to apply aforementioned logic and deductive reasoning, but to go for a run up Nam-San and back instead).
     Success: everyone found their way unerringly back home to a reward of some food and lots of drink. Religious Adviser Riccardo Cranium orchestrated at the on after ceremonies, ably assisted by G-String and MASH Committee members Daddy Long Legs, Mumbles and Large Member. New songs were sung; new Mash Mugs inaugurated; newcomers welcomed, deserving down-downs awarded and penitents punished; all in cacophonic, fine style."

     Many thanks to Philippides for hosting MASH # 14 and to his Mrs. for the great snacks that were enjoyed by all!
     All in all, the day proved to be yet another excellent MASH outing! On! On!
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