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MASH Hash # 13 Report
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     Despite the unfortunate fact that the emailed directions were missing a key sentence about turning left off of highway 21 onto 215 towards the Hwaghea temple, 26 people managed to find the MASH starting point! Melanee (who will forever be known as "Itchy Gonzales") has found a great area that (1) has a great variety of trail potential and maybe more importantly (2)is actually easy to get to using public transportation! MASH will definitely be hashing from this site again in the future! A good time was had by all, the RA was in great form, the scenery was reportedly wonderful, crimes were punished, and three were named. A sincere hash welcome to Itchy Gonzales, PhoneMax, and Sing-Sing! The on-after site was particularly good -- a truly excellent hashing site!!
     The following perspective is from one of the hares: Itchy Gonzales!
     "MASH 13...the hare's point of view: Contrary to popular belief, MASH 13 actually began at City Hall with condensed directions and false trails. Drivers had to intuitively feel out the right route to get them out to Pukansan national park in Suyu. The group waited for Daddy Long Legs to arrive, who rumor has it couldn't follow his own driving directions, before tearing off in general mayhem toward the trail. As the running hare, I inwardly chuckled as the runners started in the wrong direction and ran the first part backwards. I knew that this stroke of luck meant that the run would now actually be an hour. After many insults and threats of down-downs, I begrudgingly sent them off in the right direction. Although the humidity was high, the sky was partly overcast and spirits were great. I stayed to the back, knowing what the trail was like ahead and wanting to avoid more threats of bodily harm by fellow mashing friends. This trail was initially used by great Everest climbers as training grounds, for it ascends 3,500 feet! I opted to stick near the RA, who will forever be known as 'the nurse' to me (although he looked more like he needed one), remembering that at previous MASHes I have gotten down-downs for passing him. The trail was so splendidly set and fellow MASHers so enjoyed it, that some even started running it again! The die hards. The good news: everyone made it in alive, with only one bloody knee and three 'disoriented' trail seekers. I can't wait to do it again!"
     All in all, the day proved to be yet another excellent MASH outing! On! On!
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