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Mixed All Seoul Hash
MASH Hash # 12 Report
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     Saturday the 17th of June saw the MASH faithful gathering in the shadow of Pugaksan in the lush garden of the Bullock family residence. Finding their place in Pyungchang-dong had not been the easiest of tasks for MASH despite having been provided with hare-drawn maps beforehand. Our numbers waned slightly from summer vacation plans by those who would place family concerns over those of MASH and they will be punished later!!! After delaying our start for the much anticipated arrival of the legendary Hazukashi and company, the primary hare, BUTR informed the pack that he was so confident in his trail laying that he was not intending to go with the pack.

     There were a few skeptics amongst those who started out but it soon became apparent to all except one that BUTR was as good as he said; the runners' and walkers' trails proved to be well-marked with three "A/D" branches for the truly ambitious! This hasher took all three "A" branches following the leading hasher Hazukashi and trying at least to keep "Haz" within sight. Towards the end of the runner's route, Melanee raced past to challenge Haz. She was followed quickly by visiting "Because it had hair", virgin Paul Marshall, and Susan Nicholson who all finished strongly.

     After everyone was in, we discovered that visiting Davey Crotchit had managed to run the entire route backwards! Everyone agreed that the route had been too short (not!) and the day too cool (definitely not!). All early skepticism had been dispelled early on as the trail laid by BUTR proved to be excellent throughout. The scenery was probably better appreciated by the walkers, but nearly all the runners commented on Captain Nemo's residence as one of the most creative houses we've ever seen!

     Down-downs were awarded to BUTR for his excellent haring and his Mrs. for hosting and preparing some great snacks! Two Virgins: Paul Marshall and Dale Stolicker were welcomed, and visiting hashers Hazukashi, his wife Seldom Cumz, Davey Crotchit (The new GM of the Southside Hash!), Because it had hair, and OB1 were also welcomed to MASH with a special thankyou/farewell to Haz and Seldom. MASH also bade a final farewell to Lost and Found who has been threatening to leave for the past two months! The RA concluded the down-downs by punishing Daddy Long Legs once more over the MASH #10 T-shirt debacle and closed the day with an excellent rendition of "Swing Low" (all three verses!). Everyone partook of snack and drink and the garden setting was much appreciated by those living in apartments! All in all, the day proved to be another excellent MASH outing! On! On!
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