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Mixed All Seoul Hash
MASH Hash # 11 Report
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     MASH # 11 was held on Mt. Inwangsan and hared by Mumbles, Ran Her and late-arriving Legless on the 20th. The prospects for rain and being trampled by the Yongsan Kimshi Hash Hordes had the MASH faithful second guessing our site selection at the last minute but our lucky streak of good weather prevailed and the group enjoyed another great outing. As the day began, there was a shudder in the MASH committee ranks as we learned that our Religious Advisor had defected to Malyasia apparently over some disagreement with his employer over coffee breaks. Yours Truly was already stretching his abilities by standing in as the GM while Pheidippides was dealing with important matters of state. So...after blinking twice, we passed the RA baton to Riccardo and marched on. Rising to the occasion like a real Truman, Riccardo Cranium dispatched the on-after with natural aplomb! The trail had been scenic, swift, and for the lead hare -- bloody! After giving the hares a song and a beer for their much appreciated efforts, down-downs were awarded to a sampling of the new blood who ventured out for a taste of MASH, a variety of hash crimes were duly punished, and the newest member to the committee, AKU as MASH horn was recognized. We closed the on-after by introducing our kid-friendly version of "Swing Low" and after drinking ALL the beer, the group dispersed. On! On!
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