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Mixed All Seoul Hash
MASH Hash # 10 Report
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     MASH # 10 write up from the MASH Scribe(Boyscout):  Having duly paid our back subs to the rainman, we were blessed once again with superb weather for our tenth hash meeting in the hills, near Iryong. Twenty-five or so stalwarts made to the site venue, some having to endure the unexpected holiday traffic, others taking full advantage of the subway to Kupabal. Our thanks go out to Large Member, Dances with Dogs, Claus and Janne Oldager for the very interesting up and down down bits, some may say more up's than down, but that's what Hashing's all about. Only just managing to complete the quick walk myself, I am a little unaware as to the antics the runners got up to during their assault of the testing course, but I'm sure there was plenty of botty watching, short cutting and general backsliding and cheating going on. With the RA turning up late with some lame excuse of a dodgy clutch, he then felt duty bound to perform not one but two laps of the walking route, what a hero!. Problem is that it still only counts as one hash and doesn't mean he's now completed nine. As with l all crimes, time for retribution catches up eventually and justice is duly metered out in the traditional fashion. With phone in hand Stella was about t be chastised when, her phone rang and immediately doubled her sentence, with back to back down-downs. Tom had his wish granted and was finally named. Gnasher the Masher was then unceremoniously drenched in lemonade, just what you want on a hot sunny afternoon. Other notable scoundrels, punished for anything, were Richard Cranium (Bad mouthing the RA) Daddy Long Legs (for being a teacher) Lost and Found (for it not being her last Hash) and three pairs of Love Birds, but I carn't quite remember why. On! On!
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