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Mixed All Seoul Hash
MASH Hash # 8 Report
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     For those of you who participated in the 8th MASH hash this past March 18th, you were part of a new record attendence (36)!! As with all previous outings, we were smiled upon by the sun god again! As amazing as it is true, every single MASH hash outing throughout this bone-numbingly cold Korean winter enjoyed surprisingly pleasant weather the third Saturday of every month!! March's St.Patrick's-themed MASH hash was hosted by Snuggles & Daddy Long Legs (aka Gro Snuggerud and Michael McCorkle) from our place in Yonhee Dong near Yonsei University and the on-after was held in our garden. Yet another variation of runners' and walkers' routes were painstakingly reconnoitered, marked, checked, doublechecked, and doublemarked in the hills and trails that overlook our place. Running Hares were Riccardo Cranium (Greg Turner) and yours truly; walking hares were Snuggles followed by her fellow countryman and colleague The General (Toril Langlete). The MASH hash continues to draw new participants and we were especially glad to host some of the teachers from Seoul Foreign School. The hash was fast-paced, the false trails were strategically-placed, and (as planned) most returned at the same time. This hare is quite convinced that if it had not been not for the occasional false trail and leader's trap, the hash would never have seen a certain fleet-footed math teacher from SFS except at the on-after -- nice running Amos!! The runners were given a tour of the Yonsei campus before crossing overland to a dry wadi while the walkers were treated to a scenic counter-clockwise circumnavigation of Mt. Ensan. Despite having had the distinct advantage of having hashed in the same hills from the same place twice previously, a veteran hasher managed to get lost on his way back; is that why he is called Little Bo Peep?
     Especially for the on-after, Daddy Long Legs quickly "brewed" a formidable pot of Irish green beer that some swore they would not touch but nearly all sampled in the form of down-downs. After finding his way "home" to the flock, Little Bo Peep aka The MASH Religious Advisor presided over the delivery of a variety of punishments, namings, and some much-applauded awards. Newly-named MASH hashers included Suji Kim and Eun sook Seo who will now and forever more be known respectively as "Smells Like Fish" and "Two Shoes." The MASH computer labors on these algorithmic namings hours and days on end you can be sure! Newly awarded MASH hero, Dangerman warned everyone that he will be arranging the next MASH hash in April. Sated with green beer and feeling the ambient warmth of the sun slip away, the group closed with the hashing anthem. All participating hashers seemed to have enjoyed yet another successful MASH hash!! On! On!
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