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Mixed All Seoul Hash
MASH Hash # 7 Report
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     Last Saturday's MASH hash # 7 enjoyed a brilliantly sunny and surprisingly warm day on Umyonsan mountain near the Seoul Arts Center. A spartan group of twelve found the meeting place at the assigned time and we drove en masse to the on-site. The detailed maps made by Hares Roadrunner and Coyote would have made a military commander proud. Arriving on-site we couldn't control our eagerness to hit the dirt any longer and almost immediately took off with our trusty ACME route map that Coyote had painstakingly devised. The acting GM (I won't mention any names here!) failed to properly announce who the hares were and this resulted in a minor mutiny amongst the walkers when the interminable route became too much for some to bear, but thanks to Jina Moon who was awarded the MASH handle "Cappucino Angel" for her efforts as the walking hare to keep the group going the right direction despite a ravenous caffeine craving that almost had them stopping for a cup of joe enroute. The runners faced a different kind of foe -- the ACME Umyonsan orienteering-type route map complete with coded symbols and an array of arrows depicting ups and downs. Yours truly immediately set out at a fierce pace and promptly took the first possible wrong trail and then the next one but always running aggressively back through the pack in a determined if not desperate effort to stay ahead of the other runners who happened to be women except Matt Dick who took up the last position no doubt to assist any of our our stalwart sisters should they ever tire! A more conscientious hare there has never been as Coyote stayed towards the front and allowed me to take an uncountable number of false trails all the while praising my effort to follow the map! Throughout the hash, Coyote had us stop at scenic points for photos which is a great way to make an already fun outing even more memorable!! After finally making it around and up and down and back and then back up, we had the on-after in a wind-protected bunker near the parking area. The sun was shining and it was actually fairly warm for the on-after awards and down-downs administered with the usual rapier wit by our Religious Advisor, Little Bo Peep. Everyone was punished and awarded for something!! A pair of mountainbikers happened by and were given a welcome down-down by the RA for their carelessness. They wisely departed after a cup of soup and a beer for fear of more MASH magnanimity. And with the beers there was a spread like few other hashes have ever seen before! Along with hot cream soup, everyone enjoyed bread, chips, dip, and cheese topped with little Dutch flags in case anyone wondered where it was from or what nationality the hares were. Everything was delicious! The hares really set a standard that will be difficult to meet or surpass in future outings! Another naming took place as well -- from here on Dorthea Ribe will be known as "Stare Master." When the sun's warmth started to wane, the group departed a little wiser from our ACME map training hash with Coyote and the Roadrunner!
     Hares' comments: "I know we made live difficult for some of you with steep climbs and puzzling maps as it was our first MASH Orientation Hike & Run. Quite different as we all agreed and we might want to do this again for the necessary variation, so be prepared..... Just hope that the splendid weather (+8C; spring is coming), warm soup and snacks made up with some of the 'pain' though. In any way, did we have fun with Little Bo Beep (caught at drinking 7-Up; what a shame) and Daddy Long Legs (gosh was he fanatic that day) entertaining us with their homorous speeches as usual. We still wonder whether 'one-sock' will be changing her Korean name in an Western version...Meanwhile have fun and see you soon again.
     Regards, Roadrunner (Beep-Beep) and Coyote (WhraauuwJoggyJoggy...)" On! On!
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