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Mixed All Seoul Hash
MASH Hash # 6 Report
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     For those of you who joined us for the 6th MASH hash on the 15th, you were part of a new record attendence (30!) and the longest, most enjoyable set of down-downs to date!! As with all previous outings, we were smiled upon by the sun god again! January's sunny, not-too-cold MASH hash was hosted by Mumbles (aka Ros Sparrow) from her place and the on-after was held in the garden. Namsam Park was the focal point for the runner's and walker's routes. Running Hares were Mumbles and yours truly; walking hares were the inimitable Tom Sparrow (Mumble's son!) and newly named "The General" aka Toril Langlete. The outing was fast paced, the false trails were plentiful, and all returned without mishap -- including the Grand Master (aka as Mike Hentley) who was in fine form. Hot soup (courtesy of Mumbles!) was ready for returning hashers and very much appreciated by everyone! Little Bo Peep was back from his New Year's dalliance in the Phillipines and executed the most important Religious Advisor duties with a near perfect balance of wit, cajolery, and song!! The RA skillfully organized praise for host and hares and then proceeded to present hash names to a select group of MASH hashers before he dealt out appropriate punishments for assundry and numerous crimes. Newly-named MASH hashers included previously mentioned "The General" aka Toril Langlete who demonstrated true leadership by stepping in as a walking hare at the last minute!, "Crusty Sweetbreads" was the enviable title awarded to Julian Murray while "Roadrunner" and "Coyote" are the new accolades for front-running hashers Ine Valentin (Let's hear the "Beep! Beep!" please) and Hans Korremans whose growl is the best I've ever heard! Besides a few minor blisters caused by a pair of shining new running shoes worn by a certain Romanian, all participating hashers enjoyed another successful MASH hash outing. On! On!
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