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Mixed All Seoul Hash
MASH Hash # 5 Report
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     21st Century MASH Greetings!
     For the 23 who joined us on New Year's Day to start the new millenium off hashing, MASH salutes your life-affirming decision and welcomes your active participation in our family-oriented hashing group! Every MASH hash to date has enjoyed favorable weather and the Millenium MASH was no exception with clear blue skies and bright sun to start the 21st century hashing! The running and walking routes were very scenic but the 12 runners may have been slightly hindered by the difficult-to-see red ribbons used to mark the way or was it post-New Year's Eve alcohol induced myopia? In any case, a lesson learned for DLL's 27th haring. Afterwards, Everyone seemed to have enjoyed the outing and the on-after included warm Norwegian Gloegg and delicious carrot-onion soup that were quite welcome in the late afternoon. Dragon red Millenium MASH T-shirts designed specifically for this hash were made available and received excellent reviews as a hash T-shirt worth wearing at least once more! GM and acting RA Riccardo Cranium executed the on-after business in fine style: hosting hares Daddy Long Legs, Snuggles, and Wednesday were recognized, newcomers were welcomed, various nefarious crimes were punished, and the Millenium MASH hash closed with a respectable rendition of hashing versions of "Yesterday" and "Auld Lang Syne." For those of you who were unable to be part of the Millenium MASH, be assured that you are welcome to join other upcoming MASH hashing events. On! On!
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