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MASH # 66 & # 67
Saturday-Sunday, May 31-June 1
MASH 66 Saturday at 1700 (5:00 P.M.)!!
MASH will camp together, BBQ, sing,
and do a little hashing!
MASH 67/HATROK Sunday at 1400 (2:00 P.M.)!!

Camping at Nanji Campgrounds (Next to Han River)
Tents available to rent but bring bedding!
Hashing around the World Cup Park area!!
Western Seoul

Printable Directions
MASH 66 & 67 Directions

Daddy Long Legs & Itchy Gonzales & Richard Newsum
MASH will provide the usual chips and drinks for both hashes
Plus a special spread for the Saturday BBQ!!
Tents, mats, and grills are available for rental at the Nanji Campground!
Showers are available!
Bring your own bedding, Saturday BBQ dinner, and Sunday breakfast!
Everyone should bring something to share around!
On! On!

World Cup Park
The MASH hashing venue for MASH 66 & 67!
See you there!