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Mixed All Seoul Hash
Upcoming Events and News

1. MASH went camping!! And it was great!! On September 21st, MASH reserved some tent spaces at the Nanji Campgrounds next to the Han river in Western Seoul. 30+ fun-loving MASHers camped together Saturday night after a not-so-easy fun run that began at 1800 and crossed the Han at the Yangwha Bridge, toured through Seonyudo Park, then crossed back to the north side of the Han via the Seongsan Bridge! We did BBQ and drink a fair share of wine & beer afterwards. Everyone brought lots to share around. Itchy brought a really fun game called Cranium for the erudite MASHers amongst us. And the night sky was clear enough to identify at least two stars! MASH 54 & 55 hares, Daddy Long Legs and Terry Nichols drug themselves up early Sunday and set a longish MASH 55 trail that the slow running attendees managed to complete after only 2 hours. The hares do not apologize. None can say they didn't get a comprehensive tour of the World Cup Park complex!! It's all good! The camping was great fun, the Nanji staff were very helpful, and everyone had a great time so.........we'll do it again one of these days!

2. Congratulations to all the MASHers who participated in the 2002 Terry Fox Charity Run, "The Marathon of Hope" to raise money for cancer research on September 29th. That morning's rain cleared the skies and everyone enjoyed fresh autumn smelling air as we ran and walked the 10 km & 5 km courses. Special recognition to Itchy Gonzales for being the first woman in on the 10km run - finishing under 42 minutes! Thanks again to the following MASHers for being part of the Marathon of Hope this year: Itchy Gonzales, La Bomba, Gladiolust, Moby Dick, Snuggles, Fireball, CoPilot, Ewa Najder, Elisabeth Droyer, Stacy Elliot, Anja Malischevskij, Jon & Liz denHartigh, The West family, Pete Kealy, Steve Cole, and any others that we didn't see!

3. As we stated at MASH # 50, the future of MASH depends on the active participation of its members. We need new blood to keep it going! If you want to be more actively involved or have ideas for future hashes, let us know. Just Email MASH!

4. We are always looking to meet other expat runners and walkers: singles and families -- especially those that have hashing experience so they can bring new ideas and varied hashing experience to MASH! If you know of any expats that you think would enjoy hashing with MASH, invite them to try us out!

5. There was a fun article about hashing in the September 23rd, 2001 (#32) issue of the free local publication "Seoul Classified" entitled "Paving the Streets with Fruit Loops" that profiled some of the hash groups here in Seoul. MASH is mentioned. If you want to read the text of the article, click here.

6. There was another hashing article ("Hashers Chase the beer Chasers") in the English edition of JoongAng Ilbo (Nov 1st) 2001 that profiles local hashing groups and mentions MASH prominently. For the record, Davey Crotchit, the GM of the SouthSide Hash claims that he was never actually interviewed. If you want to read the unexpurgated text of this newspaper article, click here.

7. We're working to get better organized and part of that process is establishing a haring calendar and teaching/practicing/encouraging haring standards. The haring calendar and linked haring guidelines are in place so if you want to get together with some others to organize a MASH hash in the future, email MASH. We appreciate your feedback on this and all aspects of MASH.
7. On! On!