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Mixed All Seoul Hash
Running and walking (hashing!) in different natural areas around Seoul once (or twice) a month with expat friends is what we do!

After our 60-75 minute hashing run/walk, we conduct a light-hearted ceremony to welcome new people, present awards, recount some tales of the trail, and then enjoy mixing and BBQing with new and old friends!
The MASH logo! If you enjoy trail running as a form of exercise and want to get away from the megamillions and noise that is Seoul, then join the MASH for our next outing!

Year-round outdoor fun with family & friends! MASH is healthy, internationally-oriented hashing fun for singles and families!  Try us out!!
MASH 91 is June 26th at 1300 (1 pm) on Ansan in north central Seoul near the Tongnimmun Independence Park!!!.....Easy to get to and a great location for walkers and runners!.....You too can be a true blue MASH hasher!...See you there!....MASH needs new blood, new hares, new voices!!!.....On!..On!
An International Hashing Group of Expat Singles and Families
MASH organizes a 60-75 minute hash running trail
and separate walking trail
The Third Sunday of Every Month*
at 1400 (1300 Dec-Feb)

Experienced Hashers and MASH Wannabees
who would like a Fun Outdoor Outing
with Family, Friends and other Expats
are invited to check out MASH

Family-censored (PG rated) On-After (down-downs!)
with beer and softies follow every MASH hash
We usually have a grill and picnic too!
5,000 WON for singles and 10,000 WON for families
Kids and dogs are welcome!
On! On!
* Plus some extra hashes here and there!