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MASH 79 Directions
Northwestern Seoul
near Bulgwang Station (#322 orange line 3 or #612 brown line 6)
Hares: Ms. Polrea & Zeyez
1400 start time on Sunday (March 21st) so try to arrive early!!

By Public Transportation:
- Take line 3 or 6 to Bulgwang station (#322/612).
- Leave the station by exit 2 and turn left on the main road (not the tiny side street!).
- Cross the main road at any of the three pedestrian crossings before the venue.
- The venue is on the right beside this main road, about 850 - 900 metres from the subway station, soon after an orange palm tree on the left.
- If you get as far as the yellow plastic barrier along the middle of the road, you've gone too far!

By Car:
From central Seoul, take road #21 past Dongnimmun (Independence Gate) Park and Hongje station;

from southern Seoul, take the Songsan Bridge, then the Naebu Expressway,
- leave the expressway at Hongje IC, near the Grand Hilton Hotel
- continue a short distance under the expresssway
- then turn left at the major junction onto road #21;

from eastern Seoul, take the Naebu Expressway through the Jeongneung and Hongjimun Tunnels,
- leave the expressway at the first exit after the tunnels,
- turn right at the major junction onto road #21;

all 3 routes: zero your odometer as you pass this major junction
- at 2.1 km, turn right towards Gugi Tunnel on road #20,
- at 2.9 km (after the 3rd traffic lights from the junction) look for a parking spot,
- the venue is on your right.
- If you get as far as the yellow plastic barrier along the middle of the road, you'll have to go all the way through the Gugi Tunnel, turn round and come back, then follow this:

Alternative route from northern and eastern Seoul:
- take the Gugi Tunnel,
- do a U-turn at the first opportunity after the tunnel,
- look for a parking spot and find the venue on your right.

If you have problems getting to the venue you can call:

Bring some warmer clothes for the on-after!! MASH will provide the usual drinks and chips and you are encouraged to bring along a little of your favourite snacks to share. We will have a BBQ grill this time! You will be able to leave bags with post-hash goodies and warm clothes in a car.

On!! On!!
See you there!
Powerless Pink Thing